Saturday, March 28, 2015

The One Where I Make Things

By now, I don't think it's any secret I like to make things. This year, I have made a real effort to spend my free time being creative. I have also made it a goal to document more things on my blog, so here we go.

A couple of days ago, Paul and I spent several hours making ravioli! We had Friends on in the background and it was great. We roasted beets and used them to make the dough. Then we made three types of filling: carrot ricotta, caramelized onion goat cheese, and stinging nettle goat cheese. We used the fromage blanc goat cheese we got in Long Beach. I got stung by the stinging nettle! It hurt for over 48 hours! Once you boil the nettle though, it doesn't sting you anymore, so the raviolis are safe to eat. I'm not entirely sure how many raviolis we made, but it's definitely over 100. We put them in the freezer, so we'll have an easy meal ready to go anytime in the next few months. You could totally roll out the pasta by hand, but it's easier with a pasta machine. They're not that expensive, and they're really handy. Homemade pasta is the best. We used the leftover dough just to make normal fettuccine, which we ate last night with roasted vegetables on top. It was so good.

I spent a day at the Craft Center recently making a bunch of little pinch pots. Then for my birthday Paul got me some soy wax and supplies to make our own candles. So that's what we did! We added some essential oils to the wax, and I'm not sure if I added enough for them to actually be smelly, but they are really cute. Making things is really rewarding. Everyone should try it. Even if you don't think you're particularly crafty, make yourself a nice dinner, or a pie completely from scratch. It's fun, I promise. 

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