Sunday, March 22, 2015

Long Beach Day 4

Our last day in Long Beach, we went hunting for razor clams! There is only one week a year where it's legal to catch razor clams. And we happened to be there that week! You're only allowed to catch 15, no matter what state they're in. We caught 9 good ones, and chucked 6 to the seagulls. Paul and I are vegetarians. But he eats sea food on occasion if it's sustainable and cooked well. We brought the razor clams last night to an amazing sushi restaurant called Mame and let the chef do whatever he wanted with them!   

For our last dinner of vacation, we drove out to Astoria, and went to Fort George which is this amazing brewery. We ate truffle pizza, which was insane. And then we tried a flight of all 13 beers they had! We got seated at this big table, and everyone seemed to know each other already. Most of them were in their 30's, and it was split pretty evenly between men and women. We found out they were the knitting club of Astoria! And they meet in a brewery! They were so nice. One of them had actually just recently moved there from Eugene and recognized us, so that was pretty crazy.

Our last day in Long Beach we also went to a goat farm. The owner spent an hour with us, showing us around, introducing us to all the goats, and we got to play with the baby 2 week old goats. They were the cutest things! We came away with some goat gouda, goat cheddar, and goat fromage blanc. All in all, this vacation was perfect. We kept busy. We did a lot of exploring, and I had a fantastic time documenting all of it.

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