Sunday, March 1, 2015

February Hike

Yesterday after Paul and I and our best friend Muhammad went to the farmers market and then out to pizza, we wanted to do something to commemorate what a beautiful day it was. It was warm, sunny, and very unlike February. Despite Muhammad's aversion to anything involving a cardio workout, we made him go hiking. It was great! We climbed Mt. Pisgah. I've hiked around at Mt. Pisgah before, camped at Mt. Pisgah before, swam in the river at Mt. Pisgah before, but I've never gone all the way to the summit. It was quite the hike, and I'm sore already, but the views were worth it. Here's Muhammad sitting on a bench in the parking lot, trying to convince us the views were just fine from there and we needn't continue the hike.  

February was busy and went by really fast. I turned 23 this month! For some reason, 23 sounds much older to me than 22. We're two months into 2015. I graduated college in 2013. It seems like life is passing by more quickly than I had anticipated. But I also feel like I'm just discovering what I want in life, and I'm kind of an adult, and I have the ability and privilege to make some of those things happen. 

Can't pass up a cartwheel and handstand on top of a mountain.

Despite a lot of uncertainty that I'm experiencing in my postgraduate life, I have really certain friendships. I was bullied growing up, and I know what it's like to not have a single friend. So I take friendships seriously. I have some fantastic people in my life right now that I'm really grateful for. Shout out especially to Muhammad who I've known for almost a decade. He's the best friend you could ask for. 

Weird faces, and Muhammad on a bench part 2.

Moral of the story: I love my friends, I love being 23, I love frogs, I love Oregon.

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  1. I always look forward to your posts! :) I love your cartwheel/handstand tradition!