Monday, February 16, 2015


I'm still obsessed with ceramics. Here are some things I've made recently. I've now used an entire 20 pound bag of clay! I spent an extra hour one day making this cat bowl with legs. If you can't quite tell in the picture, the glaze is gold and metallic. This little guy is so cute! I made him to put Q-tips in, which is working well. While I was taking these pictures, Buffy knocked him over, and stole a Q-tip from me. 

I also made a hand bowl to put jewelry in. It's slightly smaller than my own hand. Then I have this neti pot, which was a request Paul made. If you don't know, you fill a neti pot with hot salt water and then you pour it in one nostril and it comes out your other, and it clears your sinuses. We haven't tried it yet, and I'm half way terrified, but also half way excited that this is going to help my allergies and general sinus issues I've had since I was little.

Then my favorite two pieces! I have started following a lot of ceramic artists on Instagram, and there's this one lady in particular that makes cute/ugly face pots and they're pretty small and she sells them for $300 or more! And they sell out instantly! I really have no idea why! Being the overly confident person I am, I thought to myself, I can do that. So I made face pots! And I think mine are really cute. 

For each planter I make, I'm allowing myself to buy a plant. Paul and I went on Valentine's Day to a local garden center and spent a long time each picking out a plant that we felt represented us. Paul is the ficus tree, and I'm the weird yellow thing. Obviously. 

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