Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Today the morning class I transcribe was cancelled, so Paul and I went on a hike instead. We got to the top of Mt. Baldy, and Paul went off to look at plants, I was taking pictures, and I decided to do some cartwheels. Paul came back and said something to the extent of, "I saw you doing cartwheels again and thought, my girlfriend is so cool." He's cute. That got me thinking about my compulsive cartwheels. If I'm in a cool location, I want to be doing cartwheels. It's my first instinct for pictures. So I decided to go back through my blog and find all of my cartwheels. What's funny is that they're all exactly the same posture, my legs in the same position. I can also only cartwheel on one side. I think with all of my yoga recently focused on handstands and headstands, my cartwheel has improved, but it's pretty much the same thing all the time. Here I am at Canon Beach during spring break two years ago.

Here I am in Florence this December.

Here I am in the Painted Hills last January.

And here I am today, on the top of Mt. Baldy. In addition to cartwheels, I also practiced my handstands, which I realize look extremely similar in these pictures. But on the left I'm holding a handstand and on the right I'm in the middle of a cartwheel. Yoga's been an important addition to my life. I spend most of my time being upside down, doing handstands, headstands, and different variations of wheel. It makes me feel really powerful. I like it especially because it is challenging. Yoga can be difficult in general, but I was a dancer for most of my life, so even if things are hard, they still come to me. But being upside down did not just come to me. I've been working on it almost every day since September. 

Paul and I have been spontaneous recently, and I've been trying to say yes to more things. It's really easy to stay inside and watch Netflix instead of doing something. I do that a lot. But two years out of college, with lots of friends already moved away and with the possibility of Paul and I moving away someday, I think it's really important to put time into relationships. To say yes when someone wants to hang out, even if you're tired, even if you'd rather watch another episode of Gilmore Girls. This goes for my friends, but for Paul as well. Paul is so wonderful and excited about everything. He always wants to go do things. I'm trying to say yes more often. Like today, I unexpectedly had the morning off, and had a few hours before I had to be on campus again. He suggested this short little hike (it took 40 minutes to the top and back with lots of breaks for pictures). I said no, at first, but I realized I had nothing to lose. I'd be back in time for my next shift, I love hiking, and it was a nice day. There was absolutely no reason for me not to go. So we went. 

The hike was very steep, but it was short and there were great views! Oregon is so beautiful! I'm stunned every time. We might not always live in Oregon, as Paul's been applying to grad school and jobs lately that are not in state, so I want to appreciate it as much as I can, even if we end up living here forever, because it's so amazing and I'm really lucky.

On another note, here's my bathroom! It's blue, has a clawfoot tub, and has lots of light. I took these pictures the other day to show off the bath board Paul made me. He's been working with wood a lot lately, and has been going into the craft center to make a barrel from scratch, which is a pretty big project, but he also made me this bath board, something I've been asking for forever, and it's so great! The other night I put my laptop on it and watched Netflix in the tub. Perfect.

Here are my favorite bath products. Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap is a necessity in our house. We always have it and we use it for so many different things. Shea Moisture is a really amazing company doing some cool community outreach for women in Africa, and it's all natural and contains ingredients like shea butter, argan oil, and manuka honey. I have picky hair and my curls react badly to shampoos with sulfates in them. So these products have been amazing for me and making my curls extra curly. I got them when they were buy 1 get 1 free which was an awesome deal. I also have a candle and body wash Paul's mom got me for Christmas which are two of the best smelling things ever. And then I have a soap I felted. Felting soap is actually really easy. I made Paul a bunch of them a few years ago. 

Finally, I was searching through my Facebook and found these pictures of me at 16 or 17. Cartwheel is still exactly the same.

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  1. I never learned how to do a cartwheel! that's a fun tradtion... I like to take my knitting and knit in cool places or take a picture of myself knitting in new places.