Monday, January 19, 2015

New Year's

I don't really have a plan for this blog post. It's a little about my cats, and a little about what I've been up to recently. First, the cats. This is Buffy. I feel like she doesn't get enough love (picture wise), but that's mainly because as beautiful as she is, she's not very photogenic. Joey is always rolling around, posing, and being dramatic. But Buffy does a lot of sleeping in positions that make her look like a big rock. She was attentive for these pictures because she wanted to attack the wrist strap on my camera! I'm the first one to admit it, but I'm crazy for my cats. I'm obsessed. I talk about them to people I hardly know. So get ready. 

We adopted Buffy last Memorial Day weekend. I saw her picture on the Humane Society website, and I knew she was the one. Even when we saw her in real life and she was a little grumpy, and the people there said she didn't really like other cats, I had this feeling she'd be a perfect playmate for Joey. I was right. She's big, clumsy, and pathetically affectionate. She likes butt scratches, being on top of you, and kneading her big paws. 

Our cats aren't very affectionate with each other, but I hope they might be in time. They definitely like each other. They'll sleep next to each other, and Buffy likes to lick Joey's face sometimes (if Joey lets her). But they love to play together. It's cat playing, so it mainly looks like they're fighting. Joey (always the instigator) will walk up to Buffy, paw her in the face, throw herself down on the ground belly up, and then Buffy tackles her. Joey will escape, run away, Buffy lumbers after her, tackles her again. Joey escapes, runs away, hits Buffy in the face, lies down on her back, and then Buffy pounces on her again. It's the same every single time. Joey instigates, waits to be tackled, and then lets it happen.  

That's probably enough cat gushing. On to beautiful things gushing! For Christmas, Paul and I had some gift cards to play with at Powell's in Portland. Among other things (mainly cookbooks) we bought this amazing Mexican cookbook. First of all, it's gorgeous. But secondly, Mexican food is my favorite food, and I'm so excited to have this 700 page masterpiece to play around with. Paul and I make tacos several times a week, something we picked up after coming back from Mexico last December. But I want to make more than tacos and the occasional enchiladas. I'm thinking I might "Julie and Julia" this book, at least the vegetarian dishes. Yes, I just used "Julie and Julia" as a verb. I want to go through the book, dish by dish, and make everything. And blog the process? One of my new years resolutions is to make an effort to blog more, especially everyday things, not just the big fun things. Also, for Christmas, Paul's mom got me this beautiful Portuguese speckled baking dish, which I took a picture of just because it's so beautiful. 

Finally I thought I'd end this post with another bit on new years resolutions. A big one for me is to be more mindful. Mindful of my body: what I'm putting in it, picking up cues it's giving me on how it's feeling, how I talk about it to myself and others. Mindful of myself: my privilege, how what I'm saying affects others. I'm also trying to be mindful about things that make me happy. This term I'm working more hours than I ever have before. So I'm taking time to do things for myself. I've been going to the ceramics center on campus almost every single day. It feels good to be creating. It gives my hands a nice break from all the typing I do as a transcriber.

 I'm also trying to do things that I like, even little things, and not worry about what others think. I've been doing yoga almost everyday since September and I've been documenting it all on instagram.  Is it annoying to all the people following me? I don't know. But it keeps me accountable and lets me see my progress, so I'm doing it for me. Now I'm doing handstands, headstands, all sorts of balances, and being upside down, things I thought would be impossible. I credit it all to taking time everyday to practice, and document it. And isn't it silly? That we worry about such little things, like what people will think of something posted on instagram? I have a lot of really intense views on feminism and body positivity and social justice and all sorts of things like that. I want big changes. I want to do big things. But I'm starting with little things. Like posting pictures of doing a headstand on instagram because it makes me feel proud of myself. 

Another thing that kind of relates is blogging. I feel like I get really self conscious taking pictures in public. But I don't want to not take a picture of something beautiful just because I'm embarrassed. That's what these last two pictures are about. The picture of the front window of Red Wagon Creamery and the lake at Cougar Hot Springs may seem like they have no connection to each other. But they were both pictures taken this month, they were both these perfect little moments I thought were beautiful, and I took the pictures even though I was in public, and people were watching. Here's to 2015. Here's to the little things that make us feel like we can tackle the bigger things.

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