Monday, August 25, 2014

Things I Like

I thought I'd do something a little bit different on the blog today. I'm starting with an awkward self-timer picture of me hiking and then a picture of Fall Creek where Paul and I went to swim this weekend, but then it's on to some product pictures. A little known fact about me, despite being a tomboy who wears very little makeup except for lipstick, is that I'm an avid reader of beauty blogs. I myself am a very frugal person who is pretty minimal with the material things I own. Every piece of clothing I have fits into one dresser. If something in my life isn't getting use, isn't necessary, or doesn't thrill me completely, it gets booted. But this means I love the things I do have a lot. 

I think the reason I like beauty blogs so much, as opposed to fashion blogs, is because of product pictures. I love when people do "what's in my bag" type posts where they lay out the contents of their purse/makeup bag/briefcase/medicine cabinet/whatever and display it nicely. Maybe I'm just nosy and like to see the products people use, but I'm also kind of obsessed with packaging. The reason I like brewing beer so much (besides the beer, duh) is that I get to design the labels. Also, because I'm minimal with my own products, it's fun to live vicariously through people whose job is to review tons and tons of products. So today, despite not being a beauty blogger and having a crappy point and shoot camera, I took pictures of some of my favorite things and am going to tell you about them.

I'm starting with alcohol, not beauty products, but these bottles are beautiful. Firstly I'm just obsessed with the tequila, which Paul and I admittedly bought yesterday solely because of the packaging. It's in a cute, fat bottle, which makes it look fancy. In real life the orange font is highlighter-neon which is fun. I love the juxtaposition of the folk art illustrations and the clean, modern font, and beyond the juxtaposition, I just really really really love Mexican folk art. 

The moonshine is made in the distillery nearest to Eugene, in Monroe, Oregon. For Valentine's Day this past year I actually wanted to take Paul on a tour of the distillery and then buy him this moonshine, but it was closed on Valentine's Day, so I just bought this moonshine for him at the liquor store instead. When I design beer labels, I always try and have the text be a part of the picture, and not just as a header on top of the picture, and this label does that perfectly. The label that almost makes me sad because I wish I had drawn it myself.

Next up are some of the knick knacks I keep on my dresser. I've got my beautiful little skull I bought in Mexico. I got it from a store in the main square called "Esto es Mexico." Apparently the story is that a lady in Sayulita was so sick of seeing tourists buy fake knick knacks from the tourist traps, she started making souvenirs herself, and opened up a store called "This is Mexico." I also have these funny cat nesting dolls which were actually Paul's before we moved in together.  

Okay now on to some beauty things. Here are two of my three perfumes; I also have a Marc Jacobs one, which smells delicious, but has obnoxious packaging. These two just look like they belong together on a shelf. I love the scientific illustration vibe they both have. They're both musky and have patchouli and amber as their main ingredients, but Midnight Fleur is more feminine and Excess is pretty unisex.    

Next up is my whole skincare routine! Since I started using these natural products, my skin has cleared up and hasn't had any issues. On the left are my three most important products for clear skin. In the jar, I have coconut oil, which I use to remove makeup and just break down any grime on my face. Then I wash that all off with Dr. Bronner's castile soap. This is the lavender scent, but I've used rose, peppermint, orange, and almond before and they're all awesome. Then I use my homemade moisturizer in the dropper, which is a mixture of grapeseed oil, tamanu oil, and lemongrass essential oil. This moisturizer is magic, and if you want to make some, this website has all the instructions as well as tons of suggestions for different oils to use depending on your skin type. 

On the right are the rest of my skincare products. I have witch hazel toner, and I am loyal to this brand, because I've used other brands (which weren't natural brands) and they reacted horribly with my skin, but this stuff is alcohol free and very gentle. I have tea tree oil which I use on any forming pimples and it just kills them immediately. I have cream deodorant in a pot which smells like margaritas and is made in Portland. Then finally I have an eye cream which is made in Oregon by a five-employee company that does everything from growing the herbs to packaging the products themselves. The "about us" section of their website is really cute. I don't use eye cream for wrinkles, but I used to wake up every morning with really dry skin around my eyes, and after using this every night for the last three weeks, I don't anymore.  

Finally I have three really great, locally made lip balms. Putting on a nice lip balm is one the most satisfying things in the world. The Wild Carrot Herbals one is tinted, the Singing Dog Vanilla one (the same vanilla brand Red Wagon uses in Not-So-Plain-Jane Vanilla) is flavored with coconut and reminds me, in a good way, of a piƱa colada Lip Smackers I had when I was a kid, and finally the Portland Bee Balm one has peppermint essential oil, which is refreshing, and has a more solid formula than the other two.

Lastly I just have to include this tragically blurry picture of my friend Sam and I. We're holding a painting I did of her and her dog, Sprinkles. The guy taking the picture is an old, creepy guy, who owns a shop next door, and even though the picture he took was blurry, I didn't want to ask him to do it again, so this is the picture I ended up with. But you can see how happy we are, so that's good. 

Well I'm not sure if I'm ever going to do a post like this again, mostly because I've already gone through all my favorite things already. This was my one sad attempt at being a beauty blogger, so I'll just let this post end here. Thanks for reading. I'll be back to pictures of food, cats, and adventures soon enough.

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