Saturday, July 19, 2014

Super Farmy

When I showed Paul the photos I picked out for this blog post, he described them as "super farmy" which is exactly right. There are so many farms in Eugene. Outside the city limits, it turns to farmland pretty quickly, which is awesome if you want to go u-picking someplace that's only 15 minutes away. These pictures are from Adkins Blueberry Farm, where we went on the 4th of July. It was kind of too hot outside, the blueberries weren't quite ripe, and I almost fainted, but now we have frozen blueberries for our yogurt every morning, so it was worth it!

Today we went to Detering Orchards which is where we went this past October to pick apples and where I met some cows.  

Today we were going for u-pick peaches and pickling cucumbers, but we also got some stuff pre-picked at their cute market stand. We ended up making peach salsa when we got home. We canned 12 jars!

When Paul was picking peaches, I got a little distracted by some insects. I stopped to take a few pictures, and by the time I found Paul again, he had a whole bucket full of peaches. They were very ripe. If you want peaches, get out there right now!

It ended up being a great day. On Wednesday I had two procedures done at the hospital, and I'd been feeling crappy the rest of the week. Today boosted my spirits. I think inexpensive fruit you picked yourself and baby goats will do that to you.

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  1. I am loving:
    1) your spirit
    2) your updated blog design
    3) your crafty-hippie-make-it-instead-of-buy-it style
    4) all these awesome pictures... which makes me want to visit you
    Jon and I just got back from 10 days in Vermont during which we participated in an amazing Permaculture Design Intensive (ever heard of permaculture? I think you'd dig it). New and more frequent blog posts from me coming soon to a computer screen near you. Hugs!