Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Biological Illustrations

I just thought I would quickly share what Paul and I produced during our two weekends of biological illustration class. We worked Saturdays and Sundays 8-5, with an hour for lunch at noon. Other than that we were drawing until we couldn't draw anymore. Each day we completed one final project on hard illustration board, ready to be framed. I apologize in advance for how crappy my little point and shoot camera is at taking detail shots of flat drawings. 

The first day, we worked on smooth shading. Mine is on the top and is a dolphin sacrum and Paul's is on the bottom and is a seal atlas.

The next day we did line drawings with pen and ink. Mine is a vertebrae and Paul's is the same seal atlas from a different angle. 

The next day we did fish. We each got our own fish, caught the day before, and they reeked, especially when Paul and I came in the lab at 11 pm (after a bonfire on the beach that we didn't want to miss out on) to finish these drawings. These drawings were done completely to scale. We even measured and counted every single ray on the fins and tried to get an accurate number of scales. This day was exhausting. Again, mine's on top, Paul's is on the bottom.

Then the last day we used scratch board, which is a board with a light clay coating. What we made black with ink, we could then go back with an x-acto knife and scratch away to get white again, which is how I drew this piece. We had to choose three things to draw, and I chose a leaf with berries, a barnacle, and a little tiny hummingbird. While I never want to sit for nine hours up close and personal with a fish again, I had a fantastic time, and I'm really proud of what Paul and I made. 

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