Thursday, May 8, 2014


I'll start off this post with the obvious. I changed my blog design! It took several hours and one yoga break, but I'm happy with the results. I have zero knowledge of computers or programming or anything. I just clicked buttons and used my rusty photo editing skills until it looked semi-decent. So that's one change!

The next change is that Paul turned 22 last week. We had a low-key dinner at a brewery with friends and it was really great. I made the fluffiest vanilla cupcakes, and that was a pretty amazing feat for me because my cupcakes always turn out so dense and muffin like, which is fine, but these tasted like they were from a bakery, if I do say so myself. I also whipped out the ice cream machine and made smoked salted chocolate caramel ice cream, which turned out just as intense as it sounds. Wow. The main point is that Paul is the greatest and only deserves the yummiest things for his birthday.

Another change is what's happening on campus right now. For years the university has wanted to update our maze like, kind of endearing, very 1970's student union building. It's gone to a student vote several times before and failed, but it recently passed, so they're rebuilding parts of it. The university has encouraged graffiti all over the bits that are going to be torn down first. It's shocked me a little that UO is allowing this (because Phil Knight the university kind of obnoxiously prides itself on being fancy and pristine) but I love it.

More changes: Paul graduates soon, I've stopped stress baking, the lack of stress baking has made my jeans fit a lot better, it's been pretty warm recently, I've been doing lots of yoga, I've taken bike rides for fun and not just to get somewhere, and lastly I've really improved my work ethic when it comes to the transcription work that I do from home and had been slacking on for months. I also plan on blogging a lot more in the near future. I've got some adventures in mind.


  1. Is there a recipe for the smoked salted chocolate caramel ice cream? That sounds amazing :)

  2. That ice cream sounds wonderful. Wish I could have milk!