Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Things

Spring has sprung. Nothing big or crazy has happened lately, but there have been lots of little things, and I have pictures of some of those moments. First off, my friend Sam got some baby chickens and they are so cute. Also, shout out to Sam for being an awesome lady and an awesome friend. 

Next up, I got a haircut. Also, Falling Sky turned two years old. We live across the street from this gastropub and they're pretty awesome neighbors. Good beer, good food, and the entire waitstaff is so nice. Also I won this UO shirt at trivia night on campus. It's pretty much the only piece of school spirit that I own. I'm not one for school spirit really (I'm fairly critical of the sports culture that goes on here at UO) but I'm all for free clothing and I'm all for trivia. My trivia team wins every time (well, we got second once because we lost the tie break for first) and it's something I look forward to every month.        

Paul and I went snowshoe camping for part of our spring break. It was 50% good and 50% horrible. The hike to the camp site was beautiful and sunny. We had a fire, we ate soup and trail mix, I read a book, I got to use an ax to try and chop some wood, and we were surrounded by some pretty extreme natural beauty. But we were in a three walled open shelter. It was below freezing. I strained my hip flexor muscle snowshoeing, so the two hour hike back to the car the next day was excruciating, and I woke up in the middle of the night crying hysterically and inconsolably that a Ted Bundy-esque serial killer was going to kill us. I think I also had a fever. It was an interesting start to spring break.

It was beautiful though. And the snowshoeing itself provided a hardcore workout. I was under the impression it was relaxing. Snowshoeing was not relaxing. Snowshoeing was sweaty. But at least I got to feel like I was on spring break and wear a tanktop for about five minutes when we got to the shelter before reality set in. Also, check out my awesome snow bib Paul got me for my birthday. I was so excited to have an opportunity to wear it. 

This was a bit of a random post, so I'll conclude with some random tidbits of the last month. 

1. Joey: what an interesting beast she's turning out to be. She's affectionate, feisty, moody, and a total drama queen. One of her favorite things to do is follow me whenever I get up, bite my ankle, and then throw herself on the ground in front of me, purring. In these pictures, she's preparing to attack the camera. You can see her power stance, with the one paw in the air. 

2. One of my favorite memories of March: it was a sunny day and we had nothing to do so Paul and I got some burritos to go from a kind of sketchy 24 hour Mexican food place, grabbed a blanket, and had a picnic at the park a few blocks away. It was fast and cheap date, and right up my alley. 

3. Paul and I brewed a new beer, and I've designed its label. I'll have to do a whole blog post about the beer making/bottling/labeling process because it's super rewarding. The labeling is the most fun for me. In another life I would be a graphic designer/product designer. On the topic of design, I'm also working on a few biological illustration pieces to be sold at auction at the American Association of Physical Anthropologists conference in Calgary in a few weeks. So that's pretty exciting. I'm going to make myself some business cards. Maybe a career in design isn't so far off after all.  

4. I made my own moisturizer out of essential oils and I've become really nerdy about natural DIY skincare. I'm kind of a hippie, although that's really not new. 

5. I'm a TV addict, which is also nothing new. Lately I've been loving The X-Files, Twin Peaks, and Hannibal. And I wonder why I woke up crying about serial killers when sleeping in the woods?   

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  1. Sounds like you had a great, if a bit painful, Spring Break. Do you watch Bones? I'm thinking you might enjoy that one. The library has all the back seasons so you could watch them free. Hope to see you this next week!