Sunday, February 16, 2014


Almost every morning Paul and I drink our coffee together. It's nice to have daily routines. Some days we wake up, drink coffee, make smoothies, and do a 10 minute yoga video. Some days we drink coffee on the couch and chat, like we did today. And today I pulled a book off the shelf called 500 Cupcakes. I used to blog about baking a lot. These days I'm still baking a lot, but I blog less and I always have nighttime sweets cravings, and in the winter time, this means terrible terrible lighting for pictures. But today I pulled the book off the shelf, settled on a mixed berry crumble muffin, turned it into a cake, added an orange juice glaze, and we had ourselves some brunch.

The cake turned out amazing. Paul said it's one of the best things I've ever made. But admittedly he says that almost every time I bake. I just like sweet things and will not settle for baking sub par sweet things. Because I made brunch cake, Paul made me brunch tacos. Tacos have been one of our favorite meals since we came back to Mexico. We make them at least twice a week, although we never used to. Before Mexico, my image of a taco was something filled with shredded lettuce and pico de gallo, kind of white washed and not all that interesting. But this could not be further from the truth of the Mexican taco. Tacos there were creative, simple, and full of vegetables. One of my favorites we had there was a simple corn tortilla filled with caramelized carrots. So good! So simple! So that's kind of what Paul did, with some fried garlic and lots of cheese, of course. 

Joey likes brunch too. If we're sitting at the kitchen table, she's sitting on the kitchen table. If we're sitting on the couch, she's on the coffee table. If I'm at home doing work, you can bet she's napping at my feet. She's my little fluffy shadow and she's turning out to be quite the interesting little cat. Well, big cat. Remember, when we rescued her, she was just a pound. Anyway, brunch is good, Joey is good, Paul is good, and I've been good lately, too.

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  1. Both of those look so yummy. Never thought of doing carrot tacos, but what a great idea. Anything you would use in place of cheese?
    And, just saying... I have a big sweet tooth... so if you ever feel the need to bake just before coming to school... we you know, I'd be happy to be a taste tester.
    I found a recipe for braised vegetable soup, i'll bring it so you can't tell me if it sounds good. See you tomorrow.