Sunday, February 2, 2014

Bend, Oregon

For my Christmas present, Paul promised me a weekend trip to Bend. The last three days have been filled with car troubles, mountains, snow, beer, and donuts. Just your typical road trip, really. We started out at 6am on Friday with a flat tire (it had been stabbed). Then we had engine troubles, but we finally got to Bend four hours later than expected. 

We stayed at the Old St. Francis McMenamins, which is a historic hotel in an old Catholic school house. It was really lovely. On the property there were several pubs, the main hotel, a few big guest houses, a small "living room" style movie theater, and a fantastic soaking tub. The soaking room was tiled, floor to ceiling in all shades of blue. There was a giant fountain in the middle of the pool which was directly beneath an open roof. All of the fog you see in the picture is actual fog from the 19 degree Bend morning at 7am. But the water was hot, and it was a strange/good sensation. 

Our weekend was pretty action packed. On Friday, we just had a heck of a time getting there. On Saturday we went inner tubing and then drove two hours away to see the Painted Hills. Finally on Sunday, we went snowboarding (my third time ever, and very successfully) and then drove home through a bit of a snow storm! In between activities, we were eating and drinking our way through Bend. One of our favorite stops (visited twice) was a food cart called Glazed and Confused, which created made to order donuts the size of your face. This was called the Fluffanut (ordered twice) and had peanut butter, honey, crushed Nilla wafers, and toasted marshmallow fluff.

We tried to complete the Bend Ale Trail, which is where you try a beer at every Bend brewery to get a prize. We didn't make it to all 12 breweries, but we hit our fair share. Our favorite by far was Crux Fermentation Project. They make the best beer I've ever had, and one of the greatest sandwiches I've ever had, too. They were also very, very good at making barrels into other things, like tables and this sampler tray. 

Food and beer aside, we had a great time at the Painted Hills. They are an unusual natural phenomenon two hours outside of Bend in the John Day Fossil Beds. They're all different colors! The colors were just as vibrant in person as I'd seen in pictures on the internet! 

Paul gets an A+ in Christmas present giving. He knows just what I like.

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