Saturday, December 7, 2013

Snow Days

Yesterday it snowed, and it snowed a lot. In the Willamette Valley, it doesn't really snow. About once a year we get two inches. Last year it started snowing, didn't stick, and class was still cancelled. Not the case yesterday.

Yesterday we got more than two inches. It goes past my ankles! And it's been so fun! I'm sure it's kind of a bummer for the people still in school who have finals on Monday, but for me it's great. I spent the day yesterday sliding from place to place with my friend Sam. We got pizza, ice cream, and then beer.  Successful snow day indeed.

Last night we had lows around 8 degrees, and I don't think today is supposed to go over 21, so it looks like the snow will be sticking around for a while. But that's okay with me. Today, Paul and I took pictures, ate homemade hashbrowns for breakfast, and listened to records as we did the dishes. Saturdays don't get much better.

There are big things on the horizon for me. I turned in my first grad school application to Berkeley on Monday. Applications for UO and NYU are due in about a week. And on Thursday morning at 5:30am, Paul, his brother Ian, and I will be flying to Mexico for a little holiday surfing fun! We're going to Sayulita right in the middle of humpback whale mating season. So there will be sun, sand, whales, and churros, and the whole thing will be amazing. Other than a few short trips to Canada, I've never been out of the country, so I'm beyond excited.

I know I end every blog post saying how everything is amazing and life is so good, but everything is amazing and life is so good. Life is also very stressful and very busy. Money is tight. Grad school applications are making me insane. And trying to plan out your whole future at 21 years old is crazy. I wouldn't change anything, though, because I've got it good. 

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