Friday, December 20, 2013

Sayulita, Mexico Part 3

Towards the end of the trip, Paul and Ian went on a hike and saw this iguana. Apparently it was huge! Paul took my camera with him and wanted to surprise me with the iguana picture from the end of the hike. But he forgot when you turn on the camera to view the pictures, the most recent picture pops up first. Surprise ruined! Also, one time after coming back from surfing, before telling me about the waves, Paul first told me about all of the cute dead puffer fish he saw, because Paul knows me very well. This trip was jam packed with all sorts of animals: two geckos, a frog, WHALES, and about a million peopleless beach dogs that just broke my heart. 

On his hike, Paul also saw some nature art! I'm not one for defacing rocks and trees unless it looks really cool, and admittedly these look really cool. The last few days of Mexico were great. Smoothies! Empanadas! Buying handmade blankets! Fireworks on the beach! Making friends with beach dogs and being secretly ecstatic when they follow you around town! 

On one of our last days, my friend Willie, who was also coincidentally in Mexico one or two towns up from us, came and joined us for brunch and then beers on the beach! Willie and I did the Kidd Tutorial for poetry together and now he's in grad school for poetry because he's awesome and can write really good poems about dead things, which is my favorite kind of poem.

I also love this puffer fish because he's just the cutest thing.

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