Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sayulita, Mexico Part 2

Before I begin a very exciting post, I thought I would share where we've been staying. In the far left you can see a blue spiral staircase and that leads to the rooms, but this is an overview of the bookstore front. It's very cute. They have a cat here named Gato.

Now onto the good stuff. On Monday we took a little day cruise. We went on a beautiful catamaran that could seat 60, but our group only had 12. The cruise included meals, snacks, and an open bar, so that was pretty awesome. The crew was great and they played late 90's music the whole time which went perfectly with tiny 8 oz bottles of beer. We made friends on the boat, and have eaten dinner every night since with a couple from California who study fish biology. Our destination was the Marietas Islands where we swam through a cave that lead to a hidden beach. I didn't take a picture because we swam there, but just Google "Marietas Islands" to see the most insane hidden cave beach ever. It was like a fantastical set for Pirates of the Caribbean. There was also snorkeling and kayaking involved, which was great, but all of this sat backseat to the whales. 

It's humpback whale mating season, so they're down from Alaska to get stuff done. I thought we would see one or two whales from a distance, and that was still exciting to me. But we saw so many. And they were so close, sometimes only 15-20 feet away, and one time one breached and swam directly beneath us. They were rolling over and clapping the water a lot, which is why all of my whale shots are of fins in the air. They were singing so loudly, you could hear it from on the boat. I cried several times.

It was one of the happiest days of my life.

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