Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hidden Gem

This morning, Paul and I woke up, and played with our cat Joey.  We rescued her in July, when she was only 1.3 pounds! She's quite a bit bigger now.  She got spayed about a week and a half ago, so she's a real adult cat now. She likes looking out of windows, napping, and being in the bathroom when you're taking a bath. This morning we also went to the city of Springfield, which is right next to Eugene. It doesn't have the nicest reputation, but I'm growing to like it. It's a little bit of a hidden gem. 

Springfield's farmer's market is called Sprout. It goes on year-round and is inside of an old church. It's pretty awesome. Sprout just held its second annual Fill Your Pantry Event which is where all of the farmers bring all of their stuff, and sell it in bulk for super low prices. There were farmers selling normal vegetables, but also wild rice, honey, and stone ground flour! For about $100 Paul and I got a 25 pound bag of flour, a 10 pound bag of lentils, a 10 pound bag of onions, a 10 pound bag of potatoes, a 5 pound bag of carrots, a 5 pound bag of beets, a large pumpkin, about 10 heads of garlic, a bag of polenta, and a bag of farrow.  

Springfield also has a surprising amount of murals. I can think of at least four within a one block radius of Sprout. I was a pretty big fan of the plane. I was wearing my fancy clothes today (this is about as fancy as I get: clogs and a headscarf) because Paul and I took had a little photo shoot for an upcoming Red Wagon ad that should be on Facebook soon. For our modeling efforts, we took home a half pint of pumpkin ice cream. It will be enjoyed with cat cuddles, late night coffee, and maybe a few episodes of The X-Files. Not too shabby.  

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