Sunday, October 20, 2013

An October Morning

Today was the first day that Paul and I have had free together in a while, so we celebrated by going apple picking.  Little did we know that the farm we chose had a whole October operation going. We went there to have fun picking some apples, but we came out with thirty pounds of apples, five gallons of cider, a pumpkin, a squash, a free piece of pie, and some quality cow time.

Today was a really good day. It was fun to go out and have a little adventure. Things have been really busy. Paul works 20 hours a week, serves on the campus sustainability board, teaches a class, is figuring out his honors thesis, and is trying to complete his senior year. I'm working two transcription jobs, spending all my free time at the primate osteology lab, studying for the GRE (which is in two days), and applying to grad school. So life has been a little crazy. We haven't had much time for adventures, even on the weekends. I even thought today was Monday, and when I found out it was still the weekend, there was no way we were staying inside.

The best part of today was easily the cows. I had no idea there would be cows, and needless to say, it made me really happy. They were friendly and fluffy and I giggled like a madwoman the entire time.

Since I've had a little blogging break, I also haven't used my camera in forever. I was half convinced it was broken, but it wasn't, thankfully. I'm a bit of an instagram fiend, and I always have my phone on me for pictures, but I do really like my little point and shoot camera, and I'm glad it didn't bite the dust.

A lot has happened in my blogging absence. I think in my last blog post I mentioned my beautiful bike had been stolen and I'd gotten a new one. Well that new one got stolen too, along with Paul's bike, and the thieves actually sawed through our porch to get them. But then, a few days later, in the car, on our way to Roseburg to go pick up new bikes from craigslist, we passed the bus station and saw a street kid cruising around on my new bike. After a mini confrontation and a call to the police, I had my new bike back again, and now our bikes live inside! 

In my absence, our kitten has turned into a mini cat. It started to rain in Eugene again. I was published in an undergraduate research journal. I've started work at the primate osteology lab where my duties include lots of smelly things like cleaning gunk off of old monkey bones and sewing an elk spine together! 

In my absence Paul and I have been become really good at brewing beer. I accidentally became a redhead, and I bought a pair of clogs. All in all, it's been pretty great. It's been busy, but I really can't complain.

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