Sunday, September 8, 2013


I haven't blogged in a long time. It's not that life hasn't been exciting, because it has, but life has just been busy. However, I do have some photos to share, so these are some snapshots of my life in the last month. Here I am with some peaches and a fig at the farmer's market on our last day in San Francisco. 

Here are Paul and I in front of a flower wall at UCSF.

Here is some beer that Paul brewed and that I designed the labels for. Here is a new anatomy poster I got to hang in our dining room.

Here are some pictures of me in the last year with my bike, Polyanna, who was recently stolen off of my porch. It was a very sad day indeed. But I did find an awesome new bike that will be debuting on this blog in the next few days. 

Here is some banana and basil ice cream I got at Cool Moon when Paul and I spent the weekend in Portland. Here is the Joey that we left behind in Eugene the weekend we spent in Portland. We missed her so.

Here are Paul and I today on our trip out to the coast. We took a little hike, got mislead by this sketchy sign, and hiked, sans trail, for a least a mile through dense underbrush and dunes until we found the beach. 

 Here is part of the marshland we tromped through trying to use the sound of waves as our guide. Here are Paul and I very happy to have found our tracks that lead us back to the path.

The beach hike failure was alright with us, because here is one of seven chanterelle mushrooms we found on the hike back to the trail head. Paul and I, as well as our friends (shout outs to Muhammad and Leanne) have been unsuccessful in our edible mushrooms hunts all year, but I found seven today, so I am the mushroom queen. Also, here is a banana slug Paul found, and I wasted the rest of my camera battery trying to get a good picture. That was a month in the life of Paul and Noelle. Sometimes we have a good time. 

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