Sunday, August 4, 2013

San Francisco: Saturday

I thought Friday was an eventful day in San Francisco, but I hadn't experienced Saturday yet. In the morning, Paul and I packed up and brought our stuff over to Ian and Nina's house, Paul's brother and his girlfriend who recently moved to the city. From there, we were immediately walking. We walked all day long. If anyone knows San Francisco well, we walked from Ian and Nina's place by UCSF and walked to the Ferry Building, stopping for food along the way before coming back up through the Mission. So yes, lots of walking. But we passed by Smitten Ice Cream, and we wouldn't be Paul and Noelle if we didn't stop for a scoop.

Smitten makes each scoop from scratch using liquid nitrogen! It was crazy! And also delicious. It was on our checklist of food places to visit in San Francisco, so we were happy to try it and happy to eat it. We got the brown sugar flavor and there were little crispy frozen brown sugar bits throughout. 

Then, after ice cream, where to but a carnival themed restaurant! This place was pretty crazy. They really committed to the carnival theme all the way down to the booth in the corner that was a car of an old ride. If you want ridiculous food that tastes good too, this is the place for you.

We all split a red velvet waffle with cream cheese frosting on top. I mean, come on. And I'm not going to lie; it tasted amazing. There was also this huge canvas covering the entire back wall that had a picture, probably from the 40's, of these little boys freaking out over cotton candy. The kid in the middle cracked me up.

After satisfying our sweet teeth, we walked and walked and walked. Nina and I stopped in front of a flower mural, and I was enamored with the shark and his lip ring.

Then we went to dinner at Tacolicious. We were told the wait would be an hour and forty five minutes, and while it was slightly less than that, we certainly wandered around the Mission for quite a while waiting for our reservation. Also, look at these brothers. Paul and Ian are looking more and more alike.

We ended the night with tacos and margaritas. I think we earned it. Did I mention how much walking we did? But it was a beautiful day. San Francisco was nice and sunny for us, and we're excited for our last day before the 11 hour drive back to Eugene.

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