Friday, August 2, 2013

San Francisco: Friday

Early Thursday morning Paul and I hopped in our car, and drove down to San Francisco. We made it about 11 hours later. We're here to see family, and have a nice vacation together. It's our first vacation alone as a couple going to a city rather than going camping, so we're excited. We spent our first full day in the city being tourists. We walked around downtown, talk about a sensory overload! I'm not a huge city person. Downtown Eugene suits me just fine. Downtown San Francisco was on a whole other planet. But what an adventure we had! 

After exploring downtown, we decided to explore the Mission district. There were about ten thousand murals, and while I couldn't take a picture of all of them, I captured this gem. The whole quote said, "Stop!!! Vanilising murals it does not make you cool!!" Words of wisdom, folks.

Paul and I had a checklist of things we wanted to see while on vacation and about 95% of the list was food related. Working at Red Wagon, I hear constantly about Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream, so while we were in the Mission, this was a must see. We went in, and after mentioning that we were from Red Wagon and were so excited to finally try their ice cream, this amazing guy Matt guided us on a complete flavor journey! He gave us a sample of every single flavor, and told us the story behind each one. Then he gave us a double scoop on the house. We spent probably a half an hour in there, and it was so above and beyond our wildest hopes and dreams. Humphry Slocombe, check plus!

After our city exploration, my uncle and aunt, Conor and Stef, took Paul and I out to the yummiest Mexican food ever at a place called Nopalito. I highly recommend it. We had margaritas, tamales, quesadillas, and this amazing Mexican street food called esquite that's essentially just grilled corn, onions, cheese, and mayo. So successful exploration day. Successful food day for sure. Tomorrow will have many more adventures in store, and we're pleased as punch. 

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