Sunday, July 21, 2013

Saturday Morning

I took a few pictures this morning and I thought I would share. The best aspect of every morning is Joey. She's generally pretty sassy morning cat.  As soon as she wakes up, she's up. She's running around. She's pouncing on everything: the bedspread, the dresser, a backpack, your feet. The last million pictures I've taken on my phone are blurry pictures of her looking cute. And I just want to show them off to anyone who will look. I like her a lot. She's my favorite.

I had to leave Joey at home this morning because I went to the farmer's market for a little bit of grocery shopping. I have been bummed out lately, because the painted stop light boxes that were part of the art installation project called Our Streets Eugene, were recently painted grey. However, they're being painted over again!  I'm not sure what project this is a part of, because I've seen different artists working on different boxes, but it makes me happy. These two were on the way to the farmer's market and I've seen two more, so I'm excited to see how they turn out!  

I like big public art installations. I also like little crafts. Joey is getting her adult teeth and she wants to chew on everything, which is not great for my fingers or the new bed sheets. So, I bought some felt, and I bought some catnip, which cost $0.67 all together, and I sewed four of these little felt fish filled with catnip for Joey, and she loves them! Crisis averted! Crafts!   

Simba Joey, everything the light touches is your kingdom.

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