Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mt. Pisgah

This past weekend Paul and I worked at Faerieworlds, which is at Mt. Pisgah. The event has been described as a renaissance fair, but with less testosterone and more glitter, and I'd say that's pretty accurate. When I wasn't scooping ice cream, Paul and I were exploring Mt. Pisgah. Paul worked as a camp counselor here last summer, so he knows all the good places to hike. One day we floated the river.

The river was beautiful and clear and only slightly cold. I got to wear my new swimsuit, which I'm very pleased with. I now have two swimsuits! Which is good because Paul and I might go to Mexico over Christmas break! 

Paul and I had such a fun weekend. I scooped ice cream and he hung out in the booth. We watched some of the live music at the festival. We took an early morning four mile hike up Mt. Pisgah which was both breath taking and blister inducing.

At the top of the hill we hiked, you could see everything and for the millionth time, I felt lucky to live in such a beautiful place. Also at the top of the hill were a pair of swings, and when you were swinging it felt like you were flying over the top of the mountain.

We had a good morning just hiking, swinging, and taking pictures. It was an extremely hot weekend, but in the shade in the morning, it was pretty wonderful. 

In addition to sweeping landscapes, Mt. Pisgah also had some smaller wonders. I was particularly excited by the amount of moths and grasshoppers I saw in all sorts of sizes and colors. And the picture of this moth was a miracle because the wind was blowing, I was wobbly, it flew away instantly, and I still got a clear shot! 

Essentially life is grand, and even though I'm currently feeling a little under the weather, with views like this, I can't complain. 

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