Friday, July 12, 2013

Back Into Blogging

I've been a relatively awful blogger recently, which I chalk up to summer kind of being rough once you graduate college. Paul's working 40 hours a week at his botany internship. He wakes up at 5:30 in the morning and doesn't come home until 6 in the evening. I transcribe an archaeology class every afternoon which helps to break up the monotony and on the weekends I work at Red Wagon, but in general, life has been slightly stressful. All of a sudden life is happening! I'm thinking about jobs and grad school and money and sometimes even when we go cherry picking and take pretty pictures I forget to blog about it. 

We went to a local farm a couple of weeks ago and it was such a nice day. We got to do a bit of exploring. We got 14 pounds of cherries (many of which are currently living in our freezer) and it was generally a nice break from the busy work week. The picture on the right is my candid reaction to a dragonfly landing on the wrist strap of the camera. It's moments like these that make me want to be a better and more consistent blogger again. 

So a better blogger I will be. Paul and I ran a few errands today, so I brought my camera along with us just because. I'm glad I did because we stopped by yet another great downtown Eugene mural. This one is directly across the street from Red Wagon. It was a little crappy up close (sorry muralist) but it was nice and bright from far away.

In my blogging absence I've acquired a bit of a tan, some new kicks, and a much needed haircut. I feel so much more like myself with a short shaved head. In my blogging absence something else big happened too.

On Monday Paul and I took in a kitten. Her name is Joey. She is a joy. We love her. She is cuddly and sassy and loves to roll over on her back when she hears her name, even if it means rolling off the edge of the bed. I love the little mark on her nose. I love her little white paws. She's the perfect kitten at only 1.3 pounds. My friend Erica had noticed that a feral cat had given birth and there was the momma plus 4 kittens living on and off in a bush in front of her apartment. Once we were sure she was old enough to be fostered (she's six weeks), we rescued her and now she lives with Paul and I. We weren't necessarily in the market for a kitten, let alone a feral kitten, but she needed us, and after this past week I think we needed her too. 

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