Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sasquatch Music Festival

This past weekend Paul and I attended Sasquatch Music Festival. I went my senior year of high school, so it was only fitting that I went again my senior year of college! It's a giant music festival held in the Columbia River Gorge in Washington and, if I counted correctly, 125 bands/DJs/comedians performed over the course of four days. Some bands I got to see were Mumford and Sons, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Elvis Costello, Vampire Weekend, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party, Andrew Bird, The Tallest Man on Earth, Capital Cities, Nancy & Beth, and Sea Wolf, among others. It's in such a spectacular venue, you listen to music all day, you camp out, and then start all over again. We didn't attend the last day so that we could get home at a reasonable time, meaning we missed The Postal Service and Cake, but we definitely got our money's worth the first three days.  

Here's what the landscape looked like only a few minutes away from our campsite. It was so unbelievably beautiful. It looked like a painted backdrop; it was just so perfect. Almost every single band mentioned how beautiful it was, and it made me with swell with Pacific Northwest pride.

Here's me so incredibly ecstatic to see Andrew Bird. I love him. He was perfect. I do wish people were slightly less intoxicated (because just about everybody was) because I just wanted to listen to the music all day and most people were there to party. And that's fine. But sometimes the partying got in the way of the music and that was a little bit annoying. As you can see, I was also pretty bundled up. While it was sunny and I got a bit of a tan, it was not particularly warm and the nights were absolutely freezing. But it's a small sacrifice to see so many bands in one place!

It was really fun to go with Paul. He also went in 2010 with me, but we were with a big group of friends, and this time it was just us. We got to take the big road trip up there in our new car and I got in some driving practice. Fun fact about me: I don't have my license. But I will get it soon, and this was the perfect opportunity to practice driving because it took a ridiculously long time to get there. On Thursday night we drove from Eugene to Portland. Friday morning we drove from Portland to the Gorge and it took about 7.5 hours with traffic!

Here's Nancy & Beth, aka Megan Mullally's band performing! Not that all of the musicians at the festival aren't famous in their own right, but she's like a real life Hollywood celebrity and she was right there singing campy covers of 1950's songs right in front of me! And she was very awesome.  

Here's the hill starting to fill up before the evening sets. There was a crazy amount of people there. It was slightly overwhelming.

And here's the most beautiful place on earth doing its thing and looking beautiful. Although it was a fantastic weekend, it was also a little crazy and I'm happy to be home, with access to my bed and a bathtub. I've actually felt a little sick since getting home, which I think might be my body reacting to several days of pretty much nothing but trail mix and Costco muffins, but it was totally worth it. 

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