Sunday, May 5, 2013

Paul's 21st

It was Paul's 21st birthday on Thursday and we've had quite the weekend since then. For his birthday I got him a beer brewing kit put together by our favorite brewery/restaurant, Falling Sky. It included this glass barrel, and Paul was very pleased. It will be nice to be able to make beers from scratch to our liking!

As usual, we've been pretty into making things lately. Paul has been brewing dandelion wine for the past couple of weeks, and we finally thought it was good enough to bottle and distribute among family members. The general consensus is that it is very cute, but also very very sweet. We will work on the sweetness.

But it is very cute. I designed the labels and glued them on some recycled bottles. We used a "capper" from the beer brewing kit plus some bottle caps I had in my craft supply collection to make these professional little bottles. It's a bummer the bottles aren't clear, because the dandelion wine is the craziest neon yellow color.

I like Paul. I like him a whole lot. And making things with him is my favorite thing in the whole world. We have a good thing going, but we're not your average college students. We don't really party. Our version of a crazy night out is making (and eating) a batch of cookies and watching something on Netflix while maybe splitting a beer. While we may not be running down the street at night screaming "YOLO" I think we know how to have a good time. And just because we don't go out much doesn't mean we don't like a good beer, and I'm excited to make some ourselves.

Although this weekend things got a little crazy. We went up to Portland and Paul's whole family (including some who flew in from Texas) joined us for a night on the Brewcycle. It fits 14 people, they provide you with a driver, and from the power of the pedals, you hit up some of Portland's greatest breweries. You don't drink on the bike, but you stop at each brewery for about 20 minutes and then hop back on. It was a total blast.

And here's a (blurry) picture of the whole crew. It was a perfect night. We went to Lucky Lab, Rogue, and Bridgeport. It was in the high seventies, low eighties, and while that was a little hot for me, it was perfect for an event like this. After we finished the bike, we walked back to Bridgeport Brewery for some dinner, and besides a ridiculous squash and truffle oil pizza, Paul and I split a giant bowl of mac and cheese with a kettle chip crust. That's right, a crust made of smashed kettle chips. And by nine thirty, it was still warm enough to walk back to Paul's parents' condo in just a t-shirt. 

Needless to say, it was a good weekend. 

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