Monday, April 29, 2013


Well this post is certainly a long time coming. As it turns out, the last term of  my last year of college has been pretty busy. It's not exactly that I haven't been doing anything interesting, because I do have about two weeks worth of pictures to share today, but school and work have dominated and I haven't been doing anything that interesting. This first picture is a block from my house on the side of an insurance agency and faces the parking lot of a Mexican fast food place. This situation is quintessentially Eugene.

These next few pictures are from an evening walk that Paul and I took a little bit ago when we were too restless to do homework. I never tire of murals, so we obviously had to stop by this one. It's on the side of a restaurant that's a converted house in the middle of a neighborhood, and although we've never eaten there, it's pretty cute.

Now I'll give you some random updates on my life. I just finished a paper I've been working on all year that will be published and that I'm going to present at a conference this month. It's about my all-time favorite book, The God of Small Things. Paul will turn 21 this week and that makes me excited because when we go to Falling Sky, he can order his own beer instead of sneakily taking sips of mine. I am thankful for some lovely ladies in my life and am excited to graduate in our tiny Comparative Literature group alongside them. It's seriously tiny though. There are maybe 12 or 13 people graduating from UO with a major in Comparative Literature out of almost 21,000 undergrads. 

In other news, Red Wagon and Party Downtown open May 7th on 55 West Broadway for anyone who's in the area and wants to experience the best food/ice cream in the whole world. I'm pretty excited. If you can't tell. Here's an article about the new place and the picture was taken on the ice cream side of the restaurant aka where I'm going to be spending my summer. We also scoop at the farmer's market and we've sold out all three weeks of the "summer" market so far. I'm excited/nervous/terrified/thrilled about how busy it's going to be once the storefront actually opens, so we'll see how that goes next week.

And here are some eggs. They come from the chickens belonging to Olivia, one of the aforementioned lovely Comparative Literature ladies. She's awesome. She's in a band. Her chickens lay blue eggs. Unfortunately the day before we got the eggs one of her chickens was killed by a raccoon. Raccoons are sneaky and scary. But these eggs were delicious. 

If I haven't mentioned it already, Paul and I are big fans of Parks and Rec. We love that show. We love everything about it. And so I'm a believer of the ideology "treat yo self." That's kind of a lie, because I'm a giant cheapo and hardly ever treat myself to stuff that I want just because I want it. But considering I'm graduating college and everything is very stressful, I treated myself recently. First I bought these handmade dichroic glass earrings from Etsy. The stuff in that shop is beautiful and I really like these earrings. I was giddy when they arrived this morning in the mail. Also I bought myself a little succulent from the farmer's market because it makes me happy. Paul named him Frodo because this particular kind of succulent is known as "the hobbit." I also got myself these pair of Cheetos colored Keds because I thought they would be a practical ice cream scooping summer shoe. Also I like them and Keds does free shipping, so I couldn't say no. 

It's been an extremely scatterbrained update, but that's how I'm feeling. Everything has been good, and if anything has been bad, it hasn't been that bad. The bad things are that I'm currently slightly sick and will probably go to the doctors tomorrow, but I think I'm okay. I am also nervous for it to be getting so hot. My phone says that this week will reach 82 degrees, which to be honest is about 10-15 degrees hotter than I like. I know everyone in the whole world looks forward to summer, and I was Ms. Grumpypants all winter biking around in 28 degree weather, but I'm very picky. I hate being cold, but I hate being hot. If this is my biggest complaint, life can't really be that bad.

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