Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Good Things

Things have been really good recently. Well, not all good because next week is finals week and school is a little insane right now. But outside of school, everything is good. First off, it's been nice outside! I biked home in just a t-shirt today. And a couple of weeks ago Paul and I scored some awesome stuff at Goodwill, including Chaco sandals for me (which retail for $100) for only $3.99. 

Things have also been good lately for Eugene. Party Cart and Red Wagon are making some serious progress on the new restaurant. This past Sunday Paul and I spent seven or eight hours at the site stripping the old wood floors of glue so they can be recycled and put on the new bar. While Paul did heavy labor the whole time, I got to help make tiles for the bathroom floors out of pennies. As it turns out, tiling two bathrooms with pennies requires a lot of pennies. But it's going to look awesome. Party Cart also just came out with a new t-shirt which Paul bought right away. It's the tiny biscuits, honey butter, and bacon version of "The Great Wave." It's pretty cool. Also, a new cupcake shop just opened downtown called Larry's Cupcakes. It's run by a super cute couple who moved here from Ashland. They've only been open a week, but when we were there, they were already serving repeat customers. Downtown Eugene is going through a major revitalization and it's awesome.

Also I like this funky little gravel alley behind our house. The giant puddles never go away. I'm pretty sure the bright green building at the far right is a secret club. I always see teenagers walk back from that direction in the middle of the night and one time I saw a bouncer out front. I'm about to go write a couple of big essays, but life is pretty good right now and I can't complain. 

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