Monday, March 25, 2013

Canon Beach

Today Paul and I went to the Oregon coast. It was beautiful, and we had so much fun. We got a nice and early start and ate breakfast at Camp 18, an old logging museum about 20 minutes from Canon Beach. By logging museum, they basically mean that there's a bunch of giant old logging equipment strewn about the property that you can explore and then they have a restaurant that serves giant cinnamon rolls. By giant I mean that our roll was as big as my face and it came with a steak knife. I liked it, and I don't even really like cinnamon rolls.

Then we were off to the beach! It was a beautiful day: in the sixties, sunny, and barely windy enough to fly a kite. We tried to fly my dinosaur kite, and were less than successful, but I managed to get a shot of Paul keeping it more than 6 feet off the sand with Haystack Rock in the background to boot!

I also gave Haystack Rock a head massage and managed to get in a few cartwheels. You can tell I was an Irish Dancer growing up; check out my pointed toes.

Then I took a quick nap by accident and when I woke up, Paul had decorated the sand around me and was documenting his masterpiece. When I got up out of my burrito-style blanket contraption, it looked like a weird giant thumbprint surrounding a coffin. A masterpiece, to be sure. Then we went to Hug Point, another beach a few miles down to search for tide pools. At first I found some barnacles and clams, and that was pretty exciting.

Then we found a cave that's entrance was blocked off by the tide when we tried to explore earlier. It was wet, full of echoes, and made me extremely claustrophobic. But it had such pretty walls, so that was pretty exciting.

And then we found starfish, and that was the most exciting of all! I had been hoping I'd see starfish all day and these guys didn't disappoint.

All in all, it was one long, wonderful day. We're lucky that from Portland, Canon Beach is only 1.5 hours away. This was probably the most "Spring Break" thing we will do all Spring Break, and I'm glad we took a little day trip to see the coast. Oregon is the most beautiful place I've ever seen and I think about how happy I am here almost every day.

See how much I love Oregon? I am totally peaceful in her sandy, circle hugs. 

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