Friday, March 1, 2013

A Gift

For my birthday, I received a very generous Amazon gift card from my very awesome Uncle Conor. I knew immediately what I wanted to get. If it's not already clear, food is very important to Paul and I. We love to eat. We love that Eugene is such a little food hub. We love to cook. We love to cook soup, especially. Paul and I currently have access to our roommate's dutch oven, but when she moves out we will be left with our sad dented $3 pot from Goodwill that we bought when we first moved out of the dorms. I thought I would fix this sad state of affairs and use the gift card to treat ourselves to a very yellow and very beautiful dutch oven. It's the same color as our kitchen and it makes me happy.

Lots of things are making me happy right now. I took an old scarf that I had knitted, but wasn't getting any use, and knit up a new hat instead. I bleached the back pockets of my favorite jeans to make them more fun. Today it did not rain and it hit 60 degrees. I'm all registered for my last semester of my undergraduate career. As a Comparative Literature major with Creative Writing and Spanish minors, I often get the comment, "so you must not be good at science" but I set the curve for my Biological Anthropology midterm. Red Wagon and Party Cart are opening up a brick and mortar store downtown. I have some really great friends. I'm going to brunch tomorrow. I have a little yellow dutch oven, and life is pretty grand. 

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