Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sweater Sunday

All of a sudden the weekend is over. I had hoped it would be a three day weekend because of President's Day, but while the post office will be closed tomorrow, the University of Oregon will not. Yesterday evening, Paul and I took a quick trip to Buffalo Exchange. I had some stuff to sell, so Paul and I looked around. He got a pair of shorts for the summer when he'll be a camp counselor and I got this J Crew sweater. I like stripes a lot, so I really like this sweater. It was a beautiful sunny day today, so in between homework Paul and I made a frittata and cleaned up around the house. Then this evening we made apple crisp with apples from the farmer's market. But this wasn't just any apple crisp. It had smoked gouda in the crust and we topped it off with Red Wagon's smoked salted caramel ice cream. It was pretty much heavenly. It will be the perfect breakfast tomorrow morning when I have to be on campus to transcribe a class at 8 am. Apple crisp and striped sweaters make everything better. 

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