Saturday, February 16, 2013

Survival Necklace

This has been a rough week and I'm really happy it's the weekend. I was sick two weeks ago, Paul was  sick last week, and then this past week I re-caught whatever I had but a million times worse. There were fevers, coughs, and sore muscles. I had to miss classes and call in sick for work, which I hate. But now, it's been reduced to a bad case of the sniffles, and I'm handling that with orange juice and lots of Kleenex. 

Today we got up, went to brunch at a new bakery which was yummy, but didn't thrill us, and then went to the farmer's market. On Valentine's Day we went out for a nice dinner, and then spent the night catching up on Downton Abbey. I got Paul a really cool wooden spatula and he got me this awesome bean necklace, which I've wanted forever. I'm glad I have Paul as my boyfriend. We've been together three years! He knows I am laid back. He knows I don't like a fuss being made over me. He knows I'm not the roses and teddy bear type of girl. He calls my new necklace a "survival necklace" because if I ever got lost in the woods, I could always eat the beans. Those are the kind of things he thinks about, and it's pretty great, because those are the things I think about too. Paul secretly hopes that one day we get stuck in the woods and have to live there forever and make friends with all of the creatures and eat dandelion greens all day. That's why Paul's the boy for me. 

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