Sunday, January 20, 2013

Life Lately

Life has been a little crazy lately. Nothing particularly blog worthy has happened. I wake up, go to work at 8 am, stay at school all day, come home and instantly change into jammies, eat dinner, do homework, fall asleep, and do it all over again five days a week. Then on weekends I sleep in all day, do homework, knit, and take naps. I've been staying inside as much as humanly possible because it's been freezing or below fairly consistently. I now get excited if the high of the day will be 42 degrees, which is sad because 42 degrees is still pretty cold to bike around in.

Not everything has been terrible of course. We've been drinking a lot of coffee which makes me very happy. I was asked to read some of my poetry on campus and got paid to do so! That was awesome. Paul and I also have been cooking constantly. We make large portions of something (mainly soup or mac and cheese, but yesterday it was enchiladas) and then have leftovers for several days. Yesterday I even made a pomegranate molasses cake with nutella buttercream! So foodwise, we've been good. And we've been happy. And we've been keeping the house clean. So really there's nothing to complain about, there just hasn't been much to blog about either. 

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