Saturday, June 30, 2012


I have been back on my bike the last few days, just little trips. My bike is not too banged up and I'm not too banged up. My bruises are fading a little and even though I'm still sore I've needed to get out. I've been a restless crazy person watching Twin Peaks on Netflix like there's no tomorrow. 

This is my angry stance against cars. I'm not taking any more of their crap! Since I've been back on my bike, I've had a few more run ins. It's getting extremely annoying. Like the other day I had the green light and the cars on the other side turning left had a sign that said they could turn after they yielded to oncoming traffic. So there I am, going straight, and a car tries to pull a fast one and turn in front of me, hoping they were going fast enough that they would miss hitting me. Seriously people, I'm over it. I'm just a girl on a cute bike wearing my cute helmet and I don't want to die! 

This morning Paul and I woke up early and hungry. I checked the PartyCart brunch menu on Facebook and got really excited, so Paul and I got our bikes and were out of the door by 8:30. I got to wear my handmade elf hat, since it was a little chilly, which always makes my day. I'm not exactly sure what my style is. I like to think of my wardrobe as "adventure clothes." I have things that I would feel comfortable going to dinner in, but could go on a hike in the next day. I like handmade things. I like knitted hats and sewing pants into shorts. I like color. I like stripes. I like stripes a lot. Paul says he doesn't know what fashion trends I follow, but it's a good one all my own. The last time I tried to wear this vest out in public, he told me I looked like a storm trooper going to prom. I don't know quite what that means, but I like it.

We had the best breakfast ever. The PartyCart never ever disappoints. For starters we had mozzarella risotto cakes covered in hazelnut pesto. They were obviously to die for. Pesto is good on anything and everything, especially if it's made with hazelnuts. Then for the main course we had scrambled eggs. These were no normal scrambled eggs. They had beet greens, roasted pumpkin seeds, queso fresco, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, and wild rice mixed in. It was insane. It was divine. My taste buds died and went to heaven. 

On most days, Red Wagon has their shop set up by the PartyCart, and now there is another food cart there as well! It's a real party! It's called Clementine Coffee and it's run by two awesome ladies who make awesome coffees. For a treat Paul and I split a cold brew hazelnut milk mocha. It was ridiculous. It was strong and sweet and creamy and I told them it was everything good in the world. Paul and I biked home, signed up for classes at our local yoga studio, made olive oil sea salt brownies, and did the dishes while singing along to all our favorite songs. It's only 1:30 and it's already been a great day. Now the day is going to get less great because at 2:30 Paul's taking the train to Portland until the fourth of July. But he'll be back soon enough. In the meantime my parents are coming to visit and I'll be watching a lot more Netflix.

And here's a picture of my funny guy in the PartCart tent with the pretty bunch of flowers. Paul said he had his zebra stripes on. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Film Squares

For my birthday last year my Auntie Robin and Uncle Kirk gave me this nifty 1970's film camera that shoots four photos really fast and puts them into little squares. After about 16 months, we finally shot all the film! It was developed and Paul picked it up today. A lot of the pictures didn't turn out and the ones that did are funny and blurry but it was so fun. There are some keepers there. I went into the computer and put some squares together from separate pictures because for some reason the camera only liked to take three out of the four squares, leaving one blank and white.

I was feeling really bad and dizzy today and I think my body is actually realizing that it got slammed by a car. Paul was gone all day at his first day of summer camp, so him coming home with pictures was such a nice surprise. Another nice surprise was a care package in the mail from my mama, papa, and little sister. I got Julia Child's memoir, some lip balm, lots of chocolate bars, and tooth brushes! The tooth brushes are because my mama is a coupon queen and gets all sorts of bathroom stuff for free or for less than twenty five cents, so Paul and I haven't had to buy shampoo, tooth brushes, or anything like that for a year. She's awesome. These pictures are awesome too. I thought I would share them, because they made my day a little brighter.

This last picture is a good mash-up. This was me at the beach, two Februaries ago, in one of the first pictures we took with this camera. And this is the last picture we took, at the Party Cart last week. Neither original picture had all four squares, so I thought these two would be fun to copy and paste together. Today I ate chocolate bars from my care package and a few snap peas to make up for the chocolate. I'm glad Paul is home, and he is cooking me soup which is my favorite thing he makes. Slowly but surely I'm feeling better, so as long as the rain stops (seriously Eugene, it's the end of June) I'm doing good.  

Sunday, June 24, 2012


I thought I'd start out this post with a picture from when Paul and I graduated high school. I'm graduating college next year, and everything is moving by so fast, because this didn't feel like that long ago. This was before Paul and I had been to Eugene, before we lived together, before we had even spent a summer together! Now we're real life adults paying real life bills and getting hit by real life cars. 

That was a fairly dramatic turn, but here I am today. I have bruises pretty much all over both of my legs, but especially on my knees. The pictures don't do their intense colors justice, and the bruises get bigger and darker every few hours. I also have these real nice scrape going up my entire left calf which I am pretty sure is from the license plate of the car. I have bruises on my hips and elbows too, so I'm feeling pretty banged up. I've spent the last two days cooped up inside and not doing much. Every time the medicine starts to kick in and I feel a little better, I try to get up and do stuff, but that of course pushes me back over the edge and I feel like a big pile of poop again. I'm in good spirits though. Paul made me pie last night and I've been knitting a lot.

One of the projects I tackled while feeling "good" today was the bathroom. It's a nice cheery blue color and it has an awesome claw foot bathtub. The silly fish curtain cost less than two dollars at a five and dime store near by and I believe it was the first item Paul and I officially bought when we knew we got our house. It is cheap and a little tacky but I love it. Underneath our window is the sink. To the right is the mirror cabinet, but it didn't come with anything underneath it, no vanity or anything. So Paul and I put this funny little table there to hold my makeup and things. It was not very pretty and difficult to keep clean. Today I walked to the local fabric store, which is thankfully less than a block from my house, and bought this laminated canvas fabric in a rain drop pattern. I got home and stapled it over the edges of the table. Now the table is pretty adorable, colorful, and much easier to clean! I finished making the table, put my stuff on it, and ran back to bed, thoroughly exhausted. I am spending the rest of the day there and no one can stop me. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Car Accidents and Farm Animals

Today the worst thing happened to me while I was on my bike. I was slammed into by a car. A lady was turning out of an alley and onto the street, where the traffic was all going one way. I was unfortunately riding the other way on the sidewalk and, as she did not look both ways, she hit me full on, the front of her car crashing into the entire profile of my bike and I. It was very very scary. I was thrown forward a little and crashed my ribs into my handlebar, and then fell on my right side because of the impact. The whole reason I was biking in the first place was to see the goat and sheep convention going on at the events center! They were selling lots of yarn and having goat showing competitions. I wasn't going to let a car crash stop me, so I walked my banged up bike the rest of the way to see the animals. Also I was still in shock, so I wasn't yet in pain, which was perfect, because I needed to pet some soft furry things after that ordeal.

Some goats ignored me, some were scared of me, but some came right up to the gates and just stared at me with big, wide, beautiful blue eyes. I was in animal heaven. It was just what I needed. Paul and I were just oohing and awing over every single creature there. It was wonderful. We even saw a classmate there with his little flock of sheep and he let me in to play with the three month old babies! They were a little skittish since they had just been weaned off their mothers two days ago, but the little white buck Pascal let me pet him for a while.

When I got home I realized I probably wasn't okay. My bruises were getting darker by the minute, and my ribs where I crashed into my handlebars were making it hard to breathe. I went to the ER to see what they could do. They first did x-rays because they thought my rib might be fractured. It wasn't. The doctors pressed all around my ribs to see where it was hurting, and it wasn't actually the bones that were sore, it was my belly that they accessed by pushing up under my ribs. That was killer. Unfortunately, that's also where my liver is, and they thought it was a good possibility my liver might have been punctured, causing internal bleeding. They ran some blood tests, pumped me full of narcotics, and gave me a CT scan. Four hours later, I learned that I was not dying! I am just very very very bruised all over. I have instructions to sit at home and pretty much not move at all. It was a terrifying day, but it was also pretty good. The hospital staff was extremely nice and I got a cheesy pesto calzone once I learned I wasn't going to have surgery. I am still alive and kicking, I will just be kicking some bruised legs from now on, but all is well.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ice Trike

Today was my second day as the trike girl for Red Wagon Creamery, but it was my first actually successful day. I spent all of yesterday freaking out and not knowing where to stop and pretty much just continued to bike non stop all day. It wasn't good. I was in weird neighborhoods with no people and didn't realize that what I needed to do was find one or two places throughout today and just stop there for a couple of hours. After probably over ten miles of biking senselessly I finally pushed the trike up the hill to a beautiful park by the river with a play structure on Skinner's Butte. That's where I decided to spend most of my day today. Paul came with me and we stopped early to play in this Day of the Dead looking whale sculpture thing.

About ten feet away from the head is what I'm guessing is its tail. It's a strange whale. It's blue, first of all. And it has two holes in its tail. Paul took that opportunity to pop out of the holes. He's a fun guy to keep around. He doesn't start his job as a camp counselor until next week, so today he followed me around and chatted with me so I wouldn't be nervous or lonely on my first real day.

What I didn't realize yesterday was that although it was fairly cloudy and windy, you can still totally get a sunburn. I got a sunburn. It's pretty much just on my arms, and this picture doesn't do it justice. I am a  legitimate tomato right now. There's a nice little white line across my wrist where I had a bracelet on. It's a good look. I also recently bought a new pair of jeans, cut them into shorts, and painted hearts on the bum. Nothing makes me happier than turning boring pants into hearts on the bum shorts.

Then Stuart came to meet Paul and I at the park and we set up the trike, which Stuart has named Trikey. He's a beauty, especially now that we have those nice hand painted signs on the side. I set it up in front of the park and everyone came to buy ice cream! It was such a thrill to tell them that this was handcrafted ice cream, made with local ingredients, a lot of which are organic. The parents sure liked that anyways, the kids were in it for the treats. And I did good! I sold out of every single thing other than one flavor of popsicle. So that's ten different variations of treats, and by the end I only had one kind left. That's a good day in my book.

These are the awesome popsicle flavors I had. From left to right, it's Creamsicle (sweet cream ice cream with an orange jello tip), Pippi Longpoppings (strawberries, rhubarb, and carrots all blended together), Sugar Mama Mojito (lime juice, brown sugar, mint, and tequila with all the alcohol cooked off), and my personal favorite Cucumber and Juniper (cucumbers, lemon, and gin with all the alcohol cooked off). 

We had other things too of course. One of my favorites is the Wagon Bar. It's our awesome ice cream, vanilla or chocolate, but seriously you can't beat the chocolate, dipped in thick organic chocolate. This is tasty stuff. Paul bought one of these as soon as we got the cart set up. He's my number one customer.

All in all it was a wonderful beautiful day. I sold way more than I expected. I had a great time. Red Wagon is really well known around Eugene so parents were pretty psyched to see me at the park. I got to talk to people. I was in a park on top of Skinner's Butte overlooking the beautiful Willamette River. You can't beat that. I have a day off tomorrow because it is supposed to rain, so Paul and I might see a movie, have ice cream withdrawals, and I will get ready for my next day of work on Tuesday. I am living the dream. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday Market

Here in Eugene we can't get enough of fresh vegetables. We have farmer's markets every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I felt too sick to go on Saturday, so Paul and I went today to get our food for the week. It was a nice blustery, not too hot kind of day. There were farmers selling all kinds of berries and this is the first week that cherries have been in season, so we were pretty excited. This bird was hanging out and eating bugs. He was pretty excited too.

Paul and I made off with lots of snacks. We got baby carrots, cucumbers, cherries, and snap peas to snack on. You can't really go wrong with that. These past few weeks have been crazy and it's just starting to finally slow down. It's perfect time for crunching on veggies. I've never spent the summer in Eugene before, so I'm hoping to go camping, go to the river, take some yoga, and hopefully not fry in the sun.

Since we were at the market, Paul and I couldn't pass up some Red Wagon Creamery. I am a very lucky girl to now be spending so much time around so much good ice cream. Today we got brown sugar buttermilk strawberry with a scoop of chocolate courtesy of Stuart and Emily. They take care of me and give me the goods. Tomorrow I have my first day of riding the tricycle around Eugene and selling popsicles and ice cream sandwiches. It's supposed to be in the high seventies and I hope to sell a lot! I don't really know where I'll bike around and whether I'll let people come to me or if I'll stop somewhere every few minutes. It should take a little while getting used to, but it's going to be really fun.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Today has been awesome. Paul and I are finally done with school. Finals week was a living nightmare and full of untimely procrastination, being grumpy, and not having time to eat good food. Today we're done with all of that though! Paul and I went to PartyCart, the cutest food cart ever. They have super organic and local food that's extremely creative. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays Red Wagon is there also, but today we just went for the food.

Instead of macaroni and cheese, they have wheatberries and cheese. Wheatberries are kind of like barley. They're a round grain with the texture of a corn kernel and tapioca pearl mixed together. They're grown locally and they're not processed like pasta. So PartyCart cooks them up in a delicious cheese sauce and then puts a fried duck egg on top. It's crazy good. It's so good we had two servings. Another fun thing PartyCart does is support other local businesses. Indie Pop Soda is a Eugene company making organic artisan soda. So instead of using flavor concentrates, they use crushed blackberries and other real foods to make soda. This was vanilla cola and it was the tastiest thing. 

The PartyCart is run by Mark and Tiffany, an awesome young couple who love good food. They remembered Paul and I from when we worked at Red Wagon in the same parking lot a couple of weeks ago. Then we sat down to the long picnic bench in front of the cart. There we met another couple who own a local microbrewery and a professor from UO who is trying to start a food studies program. What a great bunch of people to eat lunch with! We talked about local farms and what we can do to teach students about the growing food problems facing our country. It's an issue I'm extremely passionate about and it was so nice to sit down with people who feel the same way. Sometimes it's hard in college because a lot of people either don't know certain problems, or, if they do, they don't want to discuss it for fear of appearing too intense or hippie-dippie. But I don't care, I love local organic food and I'll shout it to the whole world!

 Paul and I are planning camping trips, signing up for yoga classes, and working! I'll be with Red Wagon and he's going to be a summer camp counselor at the local arboretum at Mt. Pisgah. My dad is coming to Eugene to visit next month and I am so excited. He is the biggest fan of my blog and is desperate to try some of the food places I've blogged about! I'm going to obviously take him to Red Wagon and then I'm trying to think which other restaurants out of my five favorites I could take him to in one day. It might just turn into a food marathon, but I don't have any problem with that!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Blackberry Pie

Today was the kind of day where I wanted to make oatmeal and eat it on the porch. So that's what I did. Of course oatmeal only tastes good to me when it's smothered in peanut butter and cinnamon, so I did that, too. It was nice and warm so instead of doing work on my finals, I spent a lot of my time making blackberry pie.

Before I even got to the pie, I was distracted with the wonders of spring! Our tomato plant on the roof has officially gone crazy. It is growing well out of the confines of our five gallon bucket. And today I spotted our first little tomato. There are about three or four, but this was the biggest. That means Paul and I are just counting down the days until we can top every meal with a nice tiny tomato.

More good news is that our hanging strawberry basket is actually sprouting chunky little strawberries! Also I've seen this bird a lot recently outside our bathroom window. Sometimes I open the window and whistle at him or say things like "Bird! We're friends! Be my friend!" But he keeps coming back. So I'm assuming we're friends.

Today I also documented the laundry line that Paul installed in our room. When we don't feel like lugging bags of laundry several blocks away to the expensive laundromat, we do our laundry by hand in the bathtub. It certainly makes me appreciate the good old days because it's a lot of scrubbing and a lot of twisting and rinsing and my forearms hurt like crazy afterwards. But on a nice sunny day, the clothes dry within 24 hours, and I think it's fairly cute to have a line of all my shirts and pajama pants running across my room.

After all of that I finally got around to making the pie. I decided to make blackberry cheesecake with a sour cream layer on top. I cut the first piece on the table, knowing full well that the plate I had was on the stove. Instead of getting the plate before I cut the slice, I cut the slice, balanced it on the knife, and then ran it to the stove to get it on the plate. I dropped it. It slid all the way down the oven. It was very sad. Fortunately it was only one piece so I grabbed the plate, brought it to the table, and cut another slice. That second piece actually turned out pretty good.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Eating is Good

It's no secret that Paul and I spend most of our free time thinking about food. We've been eating really well lately: homemade soups, farmer's market vegetables, no gross processed foods. We love Barry's the local Jewish deli that makes fantastic quiche and soup. We love Red Wagon which makes the best local artisan ice cream. We occasionally indulge in Voodoo Doughnuts. But other than those places we make everything from scratch and everything is fresh, local, and organic. I feel really lucky to be able to make those choices for my body and Paul and I just signed up for yoga all summer to keep everything in tip top shape. Today we made our favorite wild rice and black eyed pea stew. It's really simple and you can pretty much throw anything you want in it. Paul and I took a nice bike ride today to get bagels from the Humble Bagel. Their bagels are mighty fine and this yellow cheese and herb one is so cute. We had to get their herb cream cheese to go with it, and it's almost too tasty.

Just in case we were getting too healthy over here, I made some cupcakes. They don't feel super indulgent though because they're like whole grain muffins with a browned butter glaze on top. The browned butter is so nutty and lovely, but tricky to make. You can only brown it for so long on the stove! I burned the first batch, but I tried again and now you can see the little brown flecks in the glaze and it's delicious. Next week is final's week and then I'm done with school until September. It's going to be so nice to wake up early, go to yoga, go to work selling ice cream on a trike, and come home to re-watch Downton Abbey for the thousandth time. That's my plan, at least. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Scooping Ice Cream

It was beautiful outside today. There was lots of sun, a little bit of breeze, and no rain. I took this opportunity to wear my shirt that makes me feel like an owl princess. I also wore my yellow corduroys which make me feel pretty awesome. It's good because today was awesome. I got to read my poems at a reading, I put together a zine, and I ate a skillet cookie and turnips (separately, not together) for lunch.

Today was also fun because I got to work at the Red Wagon food cart for a couple of hours! I got to actually scoop ice cream for the first time and I used muscles I didn't even know I had. Meeting all of the regular customers was a blast and I made lots of money in tips and I got to sample everything! It was seriously the most fun thing ever. I told that to Stuart, the husband of the Red Wagon husband and wife team, and he says that I'm still young and will have much better times. This was the best though. Talking with people, making money, scooping handcrafted local artisan ice cream, and working outside. I can't ask for anything more.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Peach Fritter

I included a picture of me from yesterday in this post because the only pictures Paul got of me today were blurry because I was too busy stuffing my face with this doughnut. Voodoo Doughnuts is known for their somewhat intensely flavored treats. They are all good, but sometimes a little too much. This doughnut was too much, but in the best way possible. It's a peach fritter the size of my head. It has fresh peaches running all throughout the middle. Then it's glazed. Then they dollop cream cheese frosting like an inch high on top. And then pretty peachy colored sprinkles. It's like everything good in the world kicked you in the stomach. It's awesome, but it also hurts a little afterwards. Paul and I have split three of these this weekend. And then last night we ate cookies for dinner. Of course all of this is in between handmade soups and roasted vegetables, but still, not exactly healthy heaven over here. Paul and I vowed to break up with the peach fritter for a while. Our stomachs can only handle so much.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Park Day

Today was full of fun. Paul and I went to the farmer's market like normal and finally went early enough to get some strawberries! Then we got a call from our friends Muhammad and Leanne to go on an adventure. The final destination was supposed to be an arcade but we took a little pit stop at a local park. It had a teeter totter and one of those spinning carousal things which are both things that I always saw in movies growing up but never experienced in real life until today. As the pictures show, I had way too much fun.

I generally expect self timer pictures to be bad because I can never get the right angle on anything. So when I stuck my camera near a tree somewhat in the vicinity of the teeter totter, I didn't have high hopes. Fortunately I got a good picture out of it, other than Muhammad making a weird face (but he tends to do that)!  

I love these pictures of Paul because he looks like a giant weirdo standing still in the middle of the carousal. He was actually spinning pretty fast, but I caught him in action. Now he just looks like a weirdo doing the YMCA and yelling "Hello world!"

I got in on the weirdo action on the carousal and did some of my acrobat tricks. I couldn't spend too much time on this though; I get dizzy so easily! One time when I was little at Six Flags in Ohio, I actually had to have them stop the tea cups ride in the middle of the ride because I couldn't take it. I'm a big wimp when it comes to spinning. Things like heights are no big deal to me, just don't make me spin.

It was a super fun day and way sunnier than the weather people predicted. We did finally make it to the arcade where I got the high score on Ms. Pacman in only one try. I really wanted to take pictures of the arcade, Blair Alley Vintage Arcade, but my camera died on me. Outside of the arcade was the Red Five Hotdog Company food cart. Yesterday when I worked the Red Wagon Creamery stand at a soccer game, the other food cart there was Red Five. Unfortunately for me it rained the whole game so it wasn't exactly ice cream weather. But the rain meant it was definitely hot dog weather because it was the only thing at the whole game that was warm. I spent the whole four hour game watching him sell hot dog after hot dog and listing off his stock of twenty condiments! I tracked down where the cart would be today and I had to try it! Paul and I each got a veggie dog with honey mustard, mayo, BBQ sauce, tomato relish, cheddar cheese, and onions. It was tasty and perfect fuel for Ms. Pacman. Eugene has been really good to Paul and I lately. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Ice Cream Girl

I'm on cloud nine. Red Wagon Creamery, the coolest place ever, just hired me. I am my favorite place's employee. When we first ate their ice cream I told Paul and my goal this summer was to some how beg them into hiring me. And now it's happened, and I didn't even have to beg. I'll be helping out around the business but my main duty is to ride the ice cream tricycle around Eugene. That's right, there is such thing as an ice cream tricycle. I had my first real night of work tonight selling ice cream sandwiches at a local soccer game. Unfortunately it rained and wasn't great ice cream weather, but as it gets sunnier here, sales will only go up.