Saturday, December 22, 2012

Shredding the Gnar

Yesterday, Paul and I plus Ian and Nina (Paul's older brother and his girlfriend) all went up to the mountain to do some more snowboarding! I had a blast and improved exponentially. I connected my turns and got off the lift successfully! Most importantly I learned some new vocabulary. In the context of snowboarding, the adjective "gnarly" is also used as the noun "gnar." For example, you can shred the gnar, which means you snowboard really intensely. Wonderful powdery snow is also known as "pow pow." I've looked these terms up on Google people; they really exist. I'm looking forward to Christmas and my upcoming trip to Seattle, but for now, my body is still really sore from shredding the gnar and cutting the pow pow on that whiteout day yesterday, bro. 

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