Monday, December 3, 2012

Finals Week

This past week and a half has been extremely stressful. I had a crazy last week of classes and now it's finals week. Paul and I have been making an effort to keep things fun though. We went to the Holiday Fair again and Paul bought me these painted wooden earrings! We've been making chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast every morning, and I painted a picture just because I felt like it.

Our final for our bicycle transportation and policy class was this morning. We made posters and presented our work at Springfield City Hall to about 70 people, including some pretty important government people with important government titles. It was a pretty nifty experience and my idea for a redesign of a street to make it more bike friendly was well received. I even got a laugh out of everybody during my presentation!

Downtown Springfield has a pretty crazy mural that Paul and I were messing around with. Some of the important government people even walked by as we were taking pictures! It was slightly embarrassing because Paul and I were in the process of pretending to talk to the people in the mural, but we got some good pictures out of it.

I have two more papers to write this week, I get my hair cut tomorrow, but then I am Portland bound! I am extremely excited for Christmas break. I'm excited to have a month off from school. I excited to be at home with my dogs, with my family, and to get our Christmas tree. All in all, there have been some stressful times, but with Paul around there's never a dull moment, even if it means talking to a mural. 

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  1. Those pictures of you guys with the mural people make me smile. Congratulations on your successful presentation!