Saturday, November 10, 2012

Perfect Day

If there is such thing as a perfect day, today would come pretty darn close. Although it was in the thirties this morning, and the weather app on my phone insisted it was snowing (although it wasn't) we trekked out to the farmer's market. This was technically the last one of the year, and although there will be a winter market starting soon, it will be much smaller. We said hi to all our farmer friends and stocked up on my two favorite vegetables, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts.

During the day, Paul left to go volunteer at the Urban Farm on campus, but I decided it was too cold outside for such activities. While he was gone, I watched Grimm and worked on knitting my first pair of socks! Then he came home and life continued to be grand.

Paul took me out on a date. We went to Falling Sky Brewery which is an awesome little restaurant/bar that's less than a block away from our house. All the tables there are like super long picnic tables. It's community style eating and I love it. We were across from a young family with a two year old boy who decided he quite liked Paul and I. He kept rolling his toy truck towards us and giving us googly eyes. It was awesome. 

After a round of pumpkin cheesecake, Paul and I came home to tackle the massive pile of dishes. Our house doesn't have a dishwasher, so doing the dishes is always an event. It's actually one of my very favorite things to do. We always end up doing this at night, so Paul and I crank up the music since the business below our flat is closed by then. It's a strange mix of old jazzy songs, Cher, Elton John, and whatever else we find on my iPod. We sing really loudly and take frequent dance breaks. Over the course of an hour or two, we find ourselves in a kitchen full of clean dishes. It's like magic. Like I said, it was pretty close to a perfect day. 

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