Sunday, November 11, 2012

Northwest Awesome

Today it was rainy and cold. I spent most of my day in bed, watching How I Met Your Mother, and making a giant paper garland. But this morning, to clear away the drizzly blues, Paul and I went on a date. We loved our dinner at Falling Sky Brewery so much last night, we went there for brunch. 

We had tasty food and hot coffee. We took silly pictures. I wore lots of recently knitted things. It was much warmer inside than outside, so we took our time. Brunch was the high point of the day because everything else was so grey and wet. Although I complain about the rain, it probably doesn't bother me as much as I think it does. Ask me again in May when it's been raining for seven months straight, but for now, the rain is kind of refreshing. Although when you're inside, crafting quietly, the rain can make everything feel a little dreary. 

I feel kind of dumb for only recently discovering Falling Sky. Some of the brewers eat at Party Cart all the time and I've met them. Red Wagon even made an ice cream out of their beer before. I knew they existed, but I didn't that they had a restaurant attached to the brewery and I had no idea that it was less than a block from our house. 

Paul and I have recently determined that if my style had a name, it would be "northwest awesome." I ride my bike everywhere, so my clothes have to be bike/weather appropriate. I'm financially independent, so I don't have very much extra money for clothes. The house Paul and I live in is small, and our bedroom doesn't even have a closet, so I have to be really careful with how much stuff I accumulate. I think with all of these "growing up" changes I have evolved into the version of myself that was always just lurking beneath the surface before, easy, low maintenance, ready for adventures, and northwest awesome. 

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  1. I'm pretty certain that "northwest awesome" is the PERFECT description of you. I might be a little bit jealous :)