Sunday, November 4, 2012

Field Trip

These past two days have been tremendously productive. For the past two years, Paul has taught a class about food to a group of Honors College freshman. The whole class is about eating locally, and for fun they take a field trip out into the woods to forage for chanterelle mushrooms. Today was that field trip, but we picked up the van he gets to use through the Honors College for the field trip yesterday. This means that yesterday was the first time (since this same field trip for his class last year) that we've had access to a car. While I love my bike lifestyle and we'd love to put off having a car as long as possible, biking everywhere does make certain activities difficult, like transporting anything that is bigger than a backpack. Since we had the van we took three giant bins of clothes to Buffalo Exchange and ended up making almost $140! I was shocked, since Buffalo can be snobby picky and they've never really taken anything from me before. We dropped the rest of the stuff off at Goodwill. It was so nice to get rid of so much! Paul and I have made a real effort to simplify our lives and while we mentally got rid of tons of stuff, for two years it was physically taking up space in our storage closet. 

With the money we bought Paul a few much needed winter layering pieces, like his new flannel. Then we bought a new wrench tool set, some beautiful sock yarn, and took ourselves out to dinner. It was an amazing day. School has been pretty intense and we spend the little free time we do have relaxing by knitting and watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. Because of all the knitting I've been doing, I made myself the circle scarf I'm wearing in only a few days. And while staying home has been nice, it was refreshing to get out yesterday, and pretty awesome to go on our field trip today!

The field trip took three hours of driving, round trip. I don't do well in moving vehicles, and while my head was absolutely killing me, the drive to Cougar Hot Springs was pretty gorgeous. I got to meet all of Paul's students for the first time so that was fun. They were all pretty ecstatic to be outside, out of the dorms, and looking for mushrooms. We only found four chanterelles, which was pretty measly compared to previous trips, but I don't think his students minded. They weren't even looking for the edible mushrooms, but were running around, picking things, and then bringing them to Paul to identify. About 99% of what they picked were just little brown mushrooms that won't hurt you, but completely aren't worth eating either, but I think they had fun. I had fun. Paul definitely had fun. It was a good day. 

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