Thursday, November 15, 2012

Eggnog Air

I think Eugene skipped over fall a little bit. I feel slightly cheated. We had a few days of rain. It was not warm but not cold. The leaves were pretty. This happened for a few weeks (if that), but now, winter is creeping up on me. I woke up to a frosty looking rooftop for the first time this week, and jackets are necessary all of a sudden. Of course on such a cold day, the only appropriate thing to do is take a bike ride out to Red Wagon to get some ice cream.

They have a brand new eggnog flavor, which was super dense and nutty and perfect. However, on the bike ride back home, full of ice cream, and with a setting sun, things got real, as in too cold to bear. I could see my breath in the air and there was a thick layer of fog hanging out, making me pretty sad. The good news is that fog that makes your cold fingers sad as you're biking into the wind is also very pretty. Paul said the sky had eggnog air, and I think he's right.  

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