Saturday, November 24, 2012

Dog Holiday

Thanksgiving break has been good to me. On Wednesday I came up to Portland in the morning, my mom and I went to the mall, and we scored on some early sales, including my Christmas present, a beautiful, warm jacket! Thursday I ate lots of potatoes. Friday I went Christmas tree shopping with Paul's family and got to celebrate my mom's birthday. Today was full of lounging around the house. These were all good times, but going home to Portland means seeing my dogs, and let's be honest, that was probably one of the best parts.

I have one dog, Misiu, who is not pictured here. He's pretty great, and also pretty stinky. On the right is Cosi, and he is a little demon dog. He is the grumpiest dog. He dislikes children and fast movements. He used to be my nemesis. But in the last year we've bonded. Now he's alright with me. On the left is Kato. He is my favorite creature in the whole world. I love that chunky lump of white fur. He is fairly terribly behaved, extremely neurotic, but the best best dog I've ever known.

After watching the dog show on Thursday, a Thanksgiving tradition in my house, I took Kato out running around the col-de-sac, like I was showing him. Had we been in a dog show, we would have lost, but probably been awarded with a Ms. Congeniality type of prize. Kato has no care for poise or grace, but he sure likes to run.

Tomorrow I go back home to Eugene, just in time for the last week of classes. In two weeks I will be back in Portland for my month long Christmas break! It shall be grand. It means so much more dog time, and you can't beat that. 

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