Friday, October 12, 2012


A couple of days ago, while I was working, Paul stopped by to eat dinner. I wore this t-shirt I won in a contest for the Comparative Literature department, which is my major. It has a slug on it. It says "slow reading." It's punny. It's exactly the kind of ridiculous shirt that you win in a contest and I love it. Apparently only four people entered the contest, so my chances were pretty good. Comparative Literature is a really small department. Most other departments have their own building on campus. Comparative Literature has the tiny  attic-like top floor of the theater building. There are only 14 graduating seniors, and I'm in a class with all of them this term, just us, three hours at a time. It's a small, under-appreciated, good group, so I proudly wear my free t-shirt.

Paul wore a t-shirt I made him with bleach pens. I'm lucky to have a guy who wears a purple shirt with pink fuzzy letters on it, no questions asked. I'm also lucky to get to eat at Party Cart whenever I want. These were some of their tiny pies, filled with jalapenos and cheese. They are so cute. I want to eat them by the thousands, but I should really stop around three. Maybe four. I stopped at two. 

It was a slow day scooping ice cream, so Paul and I decided to have some fun with the little tasting spoons. First we made big teeth. That was pretty good, but a little too close to my third grade reality.

Then we got into the Halloween spirit. Vampires are all the rage right now. We thought we'd jump on the bandwagon. Paul makes a slightly more convincing vampire than I do.

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