Friday, October 26, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

Today marked the end of another busy school week. The term is half over and fall is really here. Suddenly the mornings are in the 30's and it is painful to bike to my 8:30 am classes in such cold weather. But it's all good as long as I get to layer all of my jackets, vests, scarves, hats, knee socks, and turtlenecks. Outside today it was bright, brisk, sunny, and full of ridiculously colorful leaves. 

The day started off with a dutch baby pancake made in the Le Creuset skillet I got Paul for his birthday last year. I never tire of this pan. It's beautiful and heavy and we use it on a daily basis. After breakfast Paul and I had ourselves a Netflix marathon. We watched the second season of How I Met Your Mother while knitting. I'm knitting myself a big circle scarf and Paul is just starting to knit himself a sweater! I'm pretty proud of him. He's knitting, purling, and doing a pretty snazzy job.

After several hours of knitting and television, Paul and I biked to the Party Cart. They were hosting a pumpkin carving party today and Red Wagon had holiday appropriate ice cream. This flavor was called Gravedigger. It was chocolate ice cream with red velvet cake and Italian meringue icing (which has the texture of marshmallows). They dyed the icing green to make it look like zombie flesh. It was so tasty, Paul and I bought ourselves a pint to bring home. At Party Cart, we had a variety of tasty things, but I got a picture of the awesome grilled cheese. It had caramelized onions with made-from-scratch mustard and brioche buns.

The best part of the night was carving our pumpkins. Paul's is on the right. It's a distressed pumpkin in the process of being carved. It's sweating and crying a little which kind of cracks me up. The knife which you can't really see well in this picture actually goes all the way around to the back and has a sinister hand gripping it. My pumpkin is on the left and she is a skeleton Frida Kahlo! I've never really carved a pumpkin before, and I've certainly never done anything beyond a plain jack-o-lantern before, so I'm pretty excited about it. The pumpkins are going to be entered into a contest so I hope Paul or I win!

Here's a picture of the whole parking lot food cart corner. On the left in the front, the little turquoise cart is called Clementine Coffee and I had the best hot chocolate I've ever had in my life from there tonight. Behind them is the Party Cart. Then there's the covered area with tables underneath. And then finally is the Red Wagon shed that I helped paint this summer. I love the atmosphere here. It is friendly, everyone sits and talks together, and there is good food, drink, and treats to be had all around. There is always a great combination of old hippies, young families with kids, and dogs that are so well behaved. I love it here. I have a fun filled weekend ahead of me and great plans for Halloween. I honestly can't believe it's the end of October already, and I hope November is just as good. 

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