Saturday, October 20, 2012

New Hat

Sometimes bad things can turn into good things. I'm still feeling pretty sick. Also, it's been pretty rainy and cold, so going outside while I have a yucky virus hasn't been on the top of my priority list. Being sick, I ended up missing two parties of dear friends this weekend. However, since it's been so rainy and cold, I've been super bundled up and warm inside, eating soup, wearing thick socks, and watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Since I had so much time in bed, I knit myself a hat yesterday! It came together super quickly and I love how it looks like a cartoon honeybee hive. I made it because my other knit hat, the pointy elf one, doesn't quite fit under my helmet. This one did fit under my helmet! But then I added a totally necessary giant cute pom pom and I'm back where I started in terms of my helmet problem. Oh well. I got a sweet hat out of it.

We decided to brave the rain today to take a little trip down to our favorite food cart. Since Party Cart changes their menu every week, you may never get a chance to eat something again if you don't try it while they have it. Their brunch menu today looked too good to pass up, so we went on a tiny adventure. Besides, the bike ride to Party Cart goes through the cutest neighborhood and it was so lovely to see how the fall leaves made it look even more magical.

We had three delicious courses for brunch. First on the far left is slow cooked garlic and broccoli on toast with hazelnuts on top. Keep in mind that they make all foods, even the breads, buns, and crusts of pies fresh from scratch every day. I've never had a better piece of toast. Then we had pumpkin gingerbread with pumpkin seed streusel on top. Finally we had sweet potato fritata with kale and charred red onions on the side, all topped with a blue cheese cream sauce. If these things weren't fall on a plate, I don't know what is.

The moral of the story is sometimes it sucks to be sick. Sometimes it sucks when it rains outside and you know that it isn't going to stop raining for nine more months. Sometimes it sucks not to see your friends when you really want to. But sometimes, it's fun to make something for yourself. And sometimes it's fun to eat brunch. 

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