Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mushroom Festival

Today was a great Pacific Northwest day. It rained in the early morning, but stayed clear for the rest of the day. The ground was full of puddles but it was warm enough not to wear more than a thin jacket. The fall leaves were in full swing and it was awesome. The day started off with Paul and I taking our roommate Alanna to the Party Cart for brunch. She had never been and we were more than ready to take her. We had biscuits and gravy with muffins and pancakes. You can't beat that. Paul and I also fixed up our tandem bike! It's been broken for more than a year, but we used to ride it all the time. It was good to be back on it again, but I think Alanna was slightly scared.

After breakfast, Paul and I went to the Mushroom Festival with our friends Julie and Erica. Paul and I went last year and it was really fun. It is very Eugene and full of hippies. It's up at Mt. Pisgah Arboretum, where Paul was a camp counselor all summer, and it is a little festival with arts and craft stalls, a scarecrow contest, fresh pressed cider, live music from middle aged bands that only sing 1940's folk songs, and a giant exhibit on mushrooms. It was awesome and very fall appropriate.

Here are some of the entries from the scarecrow contest. I think all three of these ended up winning prizes. My favorite is the one on the left because it was this crazy alien thing and its title was "Spunky Fruit" which made me laugh for a long time.

It's kind of hard to describe why the Mushroom Festival was so fun. There were weird little skulls everywhere. I got to pose by a 500 year old tree. It was pretty much a bunch of hippies getting excited about nature, and I loved every minute. 

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