Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Day

The other night, my roommate Alanna and I went to go get piercings on a whim. She got her nose pierced, and I've been set for a while on getting my ear pierced somewhere other than the lobe. I decided on the frontal helix and now have a little pinkish opal hanging out on the left side of my face! I'm very pleased; it's a perfect welcome to fall present for myself.

It really felt like fall today. It was brisk and chilly, especially this morning. I went full force and wore my adventure boots with thick wooly socks today. It ended up warming up quite a bit, and the boots were kind of unnecessary, but I liked feeling so nice and toasty. I also made the shirt I am wearing in these pictures! I took an old shirt, freehanded a honeybee on it with a bleach pen, waited for the bleach to sink in, and then washed it off! I've done this with a couple of shirts and it's always a surprise to see what color the design turns into. This shirt turned a pleasant coral color. I quite like it.

Fall has been all good so far. The only bad news is that I have a frightfully large amount of homework this week. I'm slowly getting through it, though. Fortunately I always have Paul to dance with me. My picture more closely resembles a deranged jumping fiend, but Paul has some pretty sweet moves. 

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