Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Yellow Skirt

Today I spent the majority of the day working on an ambitious sewing project. I can hem a pair of pants and I know how to sew a straight line, but I've never done anything beyond that. However, I had a pair of yellow corduroy pants that have recently become too big for me and I didn't feel like giving them away. Following several tutorials on the internet, I was able to turn the ill fitting pants into a pencil skirt! I'm very pleased with the results, mostly because you can't tell that such an inexperienced sewer made the skirt. I wore this outfit to my friend Julie's birthday dinner. She and her girlfriend Erica accompanied Paul and I to the PartyCart last week and today all of us, in addition to another friend Deborah, who Paul, Julie, and I went to high school with, all ate a satisfying birthday dinner ending in cheesecake. It doesn't get better than that. 

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