Sunday, September 30, 2012

The End of Summer

I think summer is finally gone. Yesterday Paul spent all day at the Urban Farm on campus, picking and canning tomatoes. He and some others then pulled up all the tomato plants to make room for new plots this fall. Through a class Paul is teaching about food in the Pacific Northwest, we actually get one of the plots to grow veggies on! It will be quite different from our rooftop bucket garden we have currently, but I'm excited to start to work in the dirt. Yesterday I didn't have to work in the dirt at all. I skipped all of the labor of the tomato work party because I was out with a friend, but we met up with Paul at the end of the work party for some food and music. 

I'm glad melons don't go out of season for a while. Paul and I have been eating melons for breakfast everyday and there is no better start to the morning. Yesterday was really great, but I can definitely feel a change coming. It's getting chillier and all of a sudden I have homework to do. Yesterday we got to listen to some live music at the Urban Farm, we went to a fancy Italian restaurant with our friends, and I actually went to the farmer's market two separate times! These are all good things, but I'm not sure how often they will be able to happen once school gets really crazy. I hope school doesn't get too crazy. I'm taking four difficult classes, but I'm really passionate about all of them, so hopefully that will keep things from getting too draining mentally. 

Paul will also keep me from getting too crazy. We are just two big goofs everyday and I never get sick of it. 

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