Monday, September 24, 2012

First Day of School

Here we go again! School has officially started. I only had one class from 2-3:30, so I had a large chunk of the day to mentally prepare myself. I like the professor and the content should be interesting, but I'm a little unsure about my classmates. I'm used to being in small classes (sometimes as small as three people!) with people who are majoring in Comparative Literature like me, or at least are interested in the same things as me. We all had to introduce ourselves, say our majors, whether we liked reading, etc. About 90% of the class had never taken a Comparative Literature class before and most stated that they didn't really like reading. Whenever I participated in class discussion, I got looks that let me know they thought I was a total geek. I'm okay with people thinking that (because it's true). However, in the classroom I am there to learn and participate, not to sit there silently, stroking my long bleached blonde hair.

Paul and I found these flowers in the alley next to our house. I look the live one and put it in my hair. Paul took the dead ones and practiced his vampire face. We've been watching a lot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer recently and Paul gets in these crazy TV moods. When we watch something a lot, he picks up the traits of the main characters. It's pretty funny. Today as we were lounging on the lawn on campus, he kept shielding away from the sunlight, growling, throwing grass at me, and making faces. We figured the dead flowers went right along with the whole vampire thing. I'm glad that when school gets crazy, he's going to be there, making me laugh. He's a good guy. 

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