Friday, August 24, 2012

San Francisco Days 2-3

Our San Francisco trip is well under way. We finally made it to the city today! Yesterday we spent the whole morning driving and arrived in Concord around noon. Some of my family lives there so we spent the whole day and night at their house. It was hot outside, so I figured I would take some pictures outside since I spent most of my day inside with family or in the car. 

Today was my Uncle Conor's wedding. He had it at city hall, which was extremely fancy. Outside was this inflatable flower sculpture which was pretty fun. City hall itself was beautiful with extremely elaborate architecture and marble staircases. The wedding was beautiful, on the fourth floor balcony with giant windows. I have some really nice pictures taken with a better camera to show on a later date.

Apparently the last two weeks it has been a foggy mess in San Francisco. Paul's never been to the city before so I was preparing him with stories of fog sitting thick on top of all the buildings. But today was bright and sunny! It was perfect for the wedding. It created the most lovely light coming through the windows during the wedding. The ceremony itself was super quick and then we took pictures for an hour or two of all the family. 

Luckily, we got to explore the building for a little while during picture time for just the bride and groom. The big dome was crazy and intricate, but my favorite was this giant lady head. We exchanged some secrets.

After the pictures, we drove out of the city for a while to eat lunch at a Mexican place by the water. In Oregon our water is typically grey and choppy. I guess it's because I'm in California, but the water was just so blue! I'm sure it was freezing, but it looked deceptively tropical to my Oregonian eyes.

There was a big chunky dock with lots of rich peoples' boat hanging out. Everything was extremely picturesque. My little cousin Maeve was particularly interested in the scenery and did quite a bit of exploring. Tomorrow we are going to the wedding's reception party and we get to see Paul's older brother! He goes to Harvard Medical School, but has spent quite a bit of time exploring the world, but he is finally on the west coast, working at a hospital in San Francisco where he might want to do his residency. Then we have Sunday to see the city and then we come back home. It's been a nice run so far, and it's just going to get better.

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  1. Lately I've been behind on checking up with blogs, so I love coming to you and seeing all the fun things you guys have been up to. There's something about the fun pictures you share and the way you write about things that makes me really happy and excited. That made no sense. You just seem so appreciative of everything, and it makes me want to be as well.

    Anyway...excited to see more pictures from the wedding.